Monday, August 5, 2013

We've got INTEREST!!!

Lets say you have $1000 and you go and take that thousand dollars and put it in a savings account at your bank. You don't touch it at all. The money just sits there over the years. Does anyone ever think that their money is LOSING its value? Do people think, oh its been sitting there for sooooooo LONG surely there is NO WAY it can STILL be $1000. Do we think that?! NO!!! If it was worth $1000 ten years ago, its STILL worth $1000 TODAY.
So my question is: WHY do single people often think, THAT the older they get as a single individual that they are worth less???  Why do they feel like they are losing their valueWhy do they begin to lose there value in whom they should choose for a spouse. I hear people say all the time, at this point and at this age in my life, who cares I'll take WHOEVER I can get. Lets just get married!!!  I think in my mind, WHAT?! Are YOU KIDDING ME???

Its odd, because I just turned 30 and you would think that at this time in my life my standard for who I look for in a spouse would be lower than when I was 20, however, it is NOT!!! (When I say my standard, i'm talking about character, convictions and spirtituality more than anything else.)I could even say that I think I honestly want to get married EVEN MORE NOW, than I did at 20. However, I know my value, I've waited THIS LONG to get married I'm NOT going to just marry ANYONE!!! In fact, I believe i'm worth MORE now than I was at 20. Let me explain...
The fact that I had never kissed a boy at 10 years old, didn't mean much to me...boys were YUCKY!!! However, somewhere around the age of 13, I changed my mind about boys, by 20 years old, I knew that having NEVER kissed a man was something special!!! However, as special as it was THEN, knowing that I had NEVER kissed a man at age 20, which to the world we live in is an absolute MIRACLE, the fact that TEN WHOLE YEARS have come and gone, and at 30 years old, I can STILL say, i've never kissed a man, it means MORE to me now then it it did at 20!!! Yes, it was special then, buuuuut its EVEN more special NOW!!!
 I believe I've been earning INTEREST on what I've been saving. I've been INVESTING my purity. When you make a financial investment it means to commit money to earn a finacial return or to make use of for FUTURE BENEFITS. I don't believe i'm worth less, I've just been saving and commiting myself for future benefits. The older I get, the MORE interest i'll have when I get married.
 I REFUSE to let myself think that I have LESS VALUE now than I did at 20. I refuse to just "Take WHATEVER I can get!" I'm STILL waiting on GOD!!! I'm worth more. I've gained more knowlede than I had at 20! I know how to clean BETTER....Heh...ACTUALLY, i'm glad for all the guys that did NOT marry me at 20, I was sooooo...weeeelll I don't even have words to describe me at 20...buuuuuut...I didn't even know where the broom was when I was...AHAHAHA!  I've developed my character. I'm more confident in who I am. I know HOW TO PRAY!!! I have a stronger walk with God now. I've sat for years under the elder woman listening to their wisdom and advice for within marriage. I know just HOW important and HOW BIG of a decision marriage truly is! I know that when it happens for me, I will honor my spouse so much more than I would have at 20. I know, that i'll be a better wife NOW than I would have at 20, because I understand the VALUE. I'm still believing that God has a plan for me, he hasn't forgotten me, He just wants me to earn some MORE INTEREST!!! 

The world MOCKS purity. I remember years ago, just HEARING about a comedy movie called, the 40-year-virgin. Making fun of someone that was STILL pure at 40. The world scorns the fact that someone would keep themself that long. They want to make you feel like its because your unattractive or that there is something wrong with you. The world despises what you've got but the Bible says, "Blessed are the pure in heart..." (Matthew 5:8)The truth is that YOU HAVE A TREASURE!!! You have something that the world can't have and the only thing they can do to soothe their own loss is to make you feel bad about what you do have.
Your PURITY is not a joke, the longer you maintain it, the more valulable it is!!! Neither is it a joke that your WAITING ON GOD for your future mate. It is an honorable and respectable thing that you have NOT taken the situation into your own hands. God LOVES it that you haven't turned to other devices or to the world to find your spouse. You don't DECREASE in value!!! YOU INCREASE!!! Don't fall into thinking that THE OLDER we get, the less value we have. This is NOT TRUE!!! Don't be mistaken, YOUR WORTH MORE NOW then you were before!!! Your investing yourself earning more on what you've already got. You've got FUTURE BENEFITS that are going to come to you!!! We're NOT losing value...
"Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits."
(Psalm 103:2)
♥Mary Frances :)