Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How do I know they are really good???

 I was talking to my friend Anali quite a while ago,  and I was like, How do you like really, really, REALLY know that they are a GOOD guy???  (Okaaaay girl if your a guy reading this! LOL) I mean, how often do we see people that are in church BEFORE they get married but still backslide AFTER they get married? And i'm the kind of person that, I want to know that I know that I KNOW, that they are going to live for God! 
I was telling her, I mean EVERYONE always says, LOOK for the one sitting on the front row, or the one first to stand and worship, and i'm like, okaaaay thats GOOD, buuuut that doesn't ALWAYS mean that they are a good guy!!! I don't care WHERE they are sitting!!! They could be sitting on the platform or standing ON THE PULPIT or SWINGING FROM THE CHANDELIER... I mean I know everyone makes mistakes and we all fail God and have to repent, buuuuut I wanna KNOW that they are NEVERRR going leave the church! I wanna KNOW that they are NEVER going to backslide, I'm just like ANALI, HOW DO I KNOW??? 
She's like, I don't know, but I think maybe a good thing to look for is signs of BROKENESS. Thats ALL she said, it was like the most simple piece of advice I've ever heard, buuuuut it makes so much sense. Maybe don't look so much for the one that is doing laps around the building as much as you should be looking for the one with tears in their eyes. Look for if they can humble themselves in a spirit of humility and break and weep before God. Look for signs of brokeness!!!
However, even more than the shedding of tears, what else does it mean to be BROKEN??? It all goes back in my mind to analogy of a wild horse that is broken can be harnessed, trained and controlled by their master...In other words a BROKEN person is a SUBMITTED person!!! When a person is truly broken before God, they are submitted to HIM!!! A person that is broken is submitted to the God given authorities in their life. Look for signs of BROKENESS! A broken person, is a submitted person!!!A person that is submitted has put the reins of their life into God's hands. Look for someone that is broken because i honestly believe that it is impossible to backslide when you are submitted to God.
Because when you are SUBMITTED,
 God is in control, 
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. (Psalm 51:7)

♥Mary Frances :)