Sunday, August 4, 2013

Williams Outreach trip!!!

Sooooooo the same weekend as Heritage, my youth group went to Williams AZ, to an outreach push and special services for the church there. I showed our youth leader, Bro. Sam my amount of luggage. He's like, thats it??? I guess you know that there aren't going to be any guys for you there!!! AHAHA!!! I was like, weeeeellll...I mean, we ARE there for outreach...not to get a man...ya know!!!
Then the joke that immediatley started with everyone was my, I need a sheet of black paper post!!! Bro. Sam was like, we can start using that as a code name for you if there are any black guys for you around...he's like ya know, like, DID YOU SEE ALL the paper that once church has? Thats some good looking paper they have!!! AHAHAHA!!! I'm like, YEAH, CODE name...buuuuut I only blogged about it already, soooo i'm SURE NO ONE will be able to figure it out!!!
Then this was REALLY funny moment! We went to KFC in Williams to eat dinner. Weeeeeelllll it was like packed, because, weeeeellll cuz Williams is a REALLY small town without a lot of food options buuuuut TONS of tourists. So I mean it was like PACKED! Welll we're done eating and Jonathan comes over to me and Sheree and is like, did you guys not get your biscuits either? I was like, Oh they told me I had to wait for it but I got them. He's like, yeah thats what they told me and Zack too! I'm like weeeeellll they're done you guys just need to ask for them! So Jonathan's like kinda hesitates, like I know they're really busy and he doesn't wanna be rude. I'm like WEEEEELLL you guys PAID FOR them!!! Just be really nice when you guys ask them! Sheree's like, OH I have NO problem going up there and asking them for you guys...LIKE WHOA SHEREE...LOL! Jonathan's like NO, I'll go! Soooo him and Zack go up there, and this is when me and Sheree like could NOT stop laughing. Jonathan walks up to the counter, pauses and THEN, his hands go down on the counter!!! We were like, OH see that right there hands on the counter means one thing...
He's taking authority of the situation!!! Don't mess with a man and his BISCUITS!!! AHAHAHA!!!
I just took this pic of myself BECAUSE, i was enjoying the rain, buuuuut I couldn't actually capture the rain in the picture!!! :)
We divided into two's to do outreach, Delora and I were a team, I had her even leavin ones on the houses that were being built!!! I was like, you NEVER know...the WORKERS...LOL...
I had to get a pic of this church steeple...I just LOOOOVE church steeples....I wonder if I could convince my pastor?!?!?! 
Here's our group  WAITING to be picked up...we had gotten dropped off in this neighborhood and then the other half went in the church van to another neightborhood!!! 
Okaaaaaaaay this was sooooo FUNNNNY!!! We went to eat at Denny's afterwards...annnnnnnnd this older lady and her husband are leaving and she comes over and offers this Coke to us! She's like Excuse me, they gave us an extra coke if anyone wants it...we didn't drink from it or nothing!!! We're like OH THANK YOU!!! Then she walked away and EVERYONE just looks at the Coke... LIKE COKE ANYONE???
Not to sure WHY its only 3/4 full if no one drank from it...AHAHAHA...For some ODD reason, no one wanted it!!! THEN we all went back to the hotel and they organized games for us to play annnnnd you know WHAT??? All i'm going to say about THE MEN that were playing is that they were TOTAL SOAR LOSERS!!! Just because I CHEERED FOR THE GIRLS every time we got a point, did NOT mean that THE MEN needed to raise their voices and make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to think when it was MY TURN!!! See, thats how they work, if they don't know the answer they'll just make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get it either!!! Hummmmfff!!! 
Then we went to bed....welll....LOL...I couldn't fall asleep cuz the younger girls in the room were like giggleing and stuff...I didn't want to be a party pooper because back in the day, and well IF MY FRIENDS had been there, I sooooo woulda been up doing the SAME thing...Lets not forget THIS blog post, THE MOMENT OF ALL MOMENTS, so I just got up and told them I was going to get a drink...Soooo i'm in the lobby for like 10 minutes, drinkin my water, textin friends and jus chillin...a few minutes later Jonathan and Zack come down, they need to study cuz they're preaching saturday night and they also need to print out their messages from the computer...sooooooooooooooooooo we're all just CALMLY sitting down there together, Jonathan on the computer, Zack at a desk, me on the couch we're all jus CHILLIN... THEN...
Monae and Slinky come down....annnnnnd guess what that ended??? YES, the calm was GONE!!! Monane YOU cRaZy girrrrrl!!! Getting coffee at midnight...I'm not gonna say what all happened cuz Monae will KILL ME...buuuuut the coffee spilled annnnd SOMEONE was blowing kisses...annnnnd I got caught telling the guys what had happened after they left annnnd there was NO denying it cuz I was caught in action demonstrating....Anywayz, I LAUGHED SOOOO HARD!!! Part of it was cuz it reminded me of something I woulda done...anywayz, I went to bed after that since the other older girls in the room were sleeping...annnnnd then I suggested to Bro. Sam and Sis, Janelled that there should be a rule for UNDER AGE about leaving the room at night...YES...You all can thank ME for that!!! Bwahahahaaha...its a rule i'll NEVER have to worry about breaking again!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Next day here we are at the Williams church putting together packets for the latest events this church is doing...I have to say, Gospel Kariokie night...I LIKE THAT!!! You know how HILARIOUS that would be?!?! 
Praying before we did outreach!!!
We had really good outreach session. Afterwards we were STARVING. and we went to the lake and grilled burgers and hot dogs and everyone CHOWED!!!

Then we all played a basketball game of Bump em...guess WHO was the first one bumped out???
If you guessed me, you are absolutely CORRECT!!! HAHA!!! annnnnd Zack Cleveland was the WINNER!!! 

Afterwards, the guys were all still playing basketball and us girls were done with our "Playing" annnnnd i've never been one of those girls that like watchin guys play ball...well especially our guys, i mean even tho I think  you all are AMAZING...LOL... Soooooo us girls are bored im like, HEEEEY, lets get the guys with WATER!!! Sooooo we each get a water bottle and just CASUALLY walk over to them playing half on one side of the court the others on the other half then we just WATCH for a few minutes annnd the guys are jus playing away, I'm sure HONORED to have our presence back, heh, heh!!! Annnnnd then we ATTACK the guys...buuuuuuuut BRO. SAM, is an EXPERT on these matters on he came flying out of the bushes from the sidelines and got us girls too...I was like, YOUR WIFE TOLD YOU!!! He was like, NOPE, I could just tell from the way you girls looked when you walked over...I guess he just knows from our MANY WATER FIGHTS back in the day!!! Anywayz, Bro. Sam may have got us BUUUUT we got the OTHER GUYS!!! I hope they can ARISE to our CHALLEGE!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

Afterwards we all walked to the lake...
I tried to get everyone to spread out across the road for me buuuuuuut the guys were being ORNERY.....

Buuuuuuut I ended up getting some pretty cool individual pics of everyone!!!

The scenery was really BEAUTIFUL!!! 
Awwww Mackenzie and Daddy!!! Bro. Sam is such a good dad!!! (:
Group shot!!!
THen we all got to the hotel and Bro. Sam said we had 30 minutes to get ready, which was NO problem for us LPC people!!! As I always say, its NOT hard to get ready when your NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Or I suppose I should say HANDSOME for the guys!!! 
Bro. Abbott leading song service....

Bro. Zack preached about how God is in control and submitting to him...
Bro. Jonathan preached about believing the word of God, but its more than just believing it but living it and obeying what the word of God says...
Bro. Sam preached about THE CHURCH!!! The church of God is a revival church and it has NOT changed and it will NOT fail or die away!!!
Afterwards we all went to Pizza hut...
Hunter Abbott...SO HANDSOME!!!
Okaaaaaay this was really funny cuz this lil boy from the church there kept putting red pepper in his drink and Jonathan was like telling him thats not a very good idea. And the lil boy just ignored him and Jonathan tried to explain to him again that he shouldn't do that to his drink, buuuuut he just ignored and kept pouring. FINALLY when he was done pouring he just takes the drink annnnnd...

HANDS IT TO HIS LIL BROTHER!!! We're like OH thats why he doesn't care!!!
Then it was raining...YAY!!! I had this random thought, WHAT if me and Monae had been teenagers together??? God musta know that the 18 years between us was MUST!!! BAHAHA!!!
Kenzie LOVING ON ME!!! I was soooo HONORED!!! 
Then she decided that since she had beeen sooooo sweet to me, that I should let her use MY PHONE!!! Sooooo I let her!!! LOLOLOL
She THEN proceeded to take like 100 pics of Jonathan...sorry girls i'm only posting two!!! ;) 
The next day before church we were all waiting by the church van for our youth leaders to be ready annnnnd a fun game of football got started...they tried to teach me how to throw it buuuuut...yeah....
We had soooo much fun tho...
The guys were tolerant and patient of us girls...
Onto church, we helped to introduce to the Williams church the new Sunday School program they would be doing for the next two weeks, Amazing Wonders Aviation!!!
Zack and Trav with puppets and Jonathan with a foam plane...LOLOL!!
Then the kids left for Sunday School and Bro. Abbott preached. We had a good alter call and there were some visitors to which was very EXCITING!!!
Then we all hurridly left so we could try and make it home for LPC service that evening...we stopped at McDonald's then 4 hours to HOME!!! People TRIED to sleep buuuut yeah...the convo was about eye colors...I was the only one with blue eyes in the van...annnnd welllll yeah... There was NOT MUCH sleep that happened...
I would like to tell you all that MONAE fell asleep and was quiet the WHOLE ENTIRE TRIP...
I think this picture speaks for itself!!
All in all it was an AWESOME trip!!! Working for God together, worth missing Heritage.  
♥Mary Frances :)