Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, the Abbotts were   In town and so Sis. Abbott played the organ during service. Afterwards, Alyssa says to me, wow! Sis. Abbott REALLY IS THE BEST THERE IS!!! So I'm like oh yeah, totally agreeing with her!
Then I think about it and I'm like, honestly tho, I can't tell the difference from when she plays and from when you play!!! Alyssa's like WHAAAAAT MARY?? Like seriously??? I'm like clunking away and you can't even tell??? I'm like, NOPE!!! Like really, it all sounds the same to me!!! She's jus laughing and is like wow, when I need to feel good I'll just come talk to you! 
Then she was telling everyone when we went out Sunday night, Mary can't tell the difference between my playing and Sis. Abbotts!!!
 Everyone's like, REALLY MARY???!!!???? I'm like, yes REALLY!!! It all sounds the same in MY WORLD!!! ;) I hear music and I'm jus like, let's have churrrrrrrrrch!!!!