Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now I'm 30!

I remember in my late teens, early 20's looking at the "older" single ladies and thinking, I don't wAnt to be one of those that are STILL SINGLE in their 30's!!! Annnnnnnd...
NOW IM 30!!!
Annnnnnnnnd now I look at myself and I think, you know, I REALLY WANT TO BE MARRIED, buuuuuuut, I'm glad I'm not one of those that took things into their own hands, JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO GET MARRIED!!! I always thought it meant you were a loser, but now I see that it's easy to "fall in love" it takes more courage to say no, I'm waiting for the perfect will of God!
I jus wanna say to all my single peers out there... It's ok to, STILL BE SINGLE!!! God will give you the grace to walk... The strength to stand... You will look at yourself in the mirror and KNOW, despite the disappointments, I didn't give in... Annnnd JESUS, he has KEPT ME!!! Yes, I'm STILL single at 30, because I'm STILL awaiting on God!!!