Saturday, September 7, 2013

Instead of telling God...

I heard this today on Holy Ghost Radio...I didn't get it WORD FOR WORD...soooooo I jus said paraphrased, buuuuuut I REALLY liked this!!!
Its a HARD thing saying, God I want what YOU WANT and NOT what I WANT!!! I think that sometimes we have something all figured out in our mind buuuuut we haven't really sought God about HIS WILL!!! WHAT GOD WANTS!!! Like I said earlier this week...
Sometimes God brings our dreams to pass, sometimes God knows that our dreams are NOT what is best for us annnnnd SOMETIMES God goes above and beyond all our expectations of what we ever even dreamed of. God is God and he's GOOD!!! I trust that God will give me what he thinks is best for me!!!
♥Mary Frances :)