Friday, September 6, 2013

Jose....THAT BOY!!!

I go over to my mom's last night and as I walk through the front door from the living room towards the kitchen, I'm greeted with a, "HI AUNT MARY!" I look around annnnd ALL I SEE IS THIS...
My nephew peaking out at me from the crack on the side of the fridge...AHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! I could NOT stop laughing when I saw him!!! I mean, the way he just said, "Hi Aunt Mary!" like everything was just SOOOO NORMAL!!!
Once again he responds back so nonchalant and normal..."Oh I'm just putting away my Capri Suns Aunt Mary!" I'm like, Ummmmm does ANYONE know that your putting them away??? He's like, NO! Its just me up here! I'm like where's my mom?! He's like, she's at your house! I'm NO nooooot my sister, MY MOM!!! Buuuuuut Aunt Theresa IS your mom!!! NO, Grandma is my mom! NO! Grandma is GRANDMA!!! Aunt Theresa is your mom, Aunt Mary!!!
Heeeeeeey Aunt Mary! You want some CHOCOLATE???
Right, try and distract your Aunt Mary from the fact that your CLIMBING INSIDE THE FRIDGE, by offering her CHOCOLATE!!! Awwww...buuuut he knows me sooooo well!!! :)))
I luverrrrrrs my lil gwappo sooooo much!!! XOXO
♥Mary Frances :)