Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spiritual influences!!!

I was listening to Holy Ghost radio yesturday and this message was on!!! I texted ALL my friends and told them to listen cuz it was soooo GOOOOD!!! A lot of people texted me back disapointed saying that they weren't able to listen to it! I was like, DON'T WORRY, because i'm AWESOME, I took notes!!! Here you all go, buuuuut really, my notes doesn't do justice for the actual hearing of the preaching...you can't take notes that hold the annointed spirit of God that you feel when you listen... buuuut if you want to order the actual message from HGR its #1884. Meanwhile here are my notes...
Spiritual Influences by Bro. Garrett
How to know your under a demonic influence:
1. Seeks to destroy goodBeware of a spirit that tries to destroy good that your doing. A spirit that despises good!!! 
2. There is no constraint! Nobody is gonna pull your chain or help you out! Will not be constrained! It's gotta be my way, self justification!!!
3. Resistance to all spiritual authority. If there is correction in your life take it and don't go back to the hell hole you crawled out of!
4. Always produces sensuality!
Three ways to invite a devil in your life!
1. Hang around where he is! Music, where you hang out, places you go, who your friends are, entertainment, 
2. Rebellion against God given authority!!! Rebellion is as which craft!!! When you rebel you are open "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry..." 1Samuel 15:23)
3. Develop a passivity towards the things of God! You hav to hav a hunger for spiritual things! There is no place for apathy in the kingdom of God!
How to get out from the influence 
1. Resist the devil
2. Submit to your God given authority!
3. Confess your sins
♥Mary Frances :)