Monday, September 16, 2013

Free eyebrows!!!

Look at MY EYEBROWS!!!
 annnnnnnd GUESS how much  i paid for them???? FREE!!! How would YOU like a FREE eyebrow wax!!! Your probabley wondering WHERE??? At the European Wax Center!!! For FIRST TIME customers, you will get your eyebrows done for FREE!!!
 The lady asked me if I was a student, because IF I was I could get another discount for another time...I was like UMMMM... soooo like, a STUDENT that has a school ID??? The girl laughed and was like yeah, you have to have a student ID! I'm like, MAAAAAAN, I sooooooooo think that the Bible College should get student IDs!!! I mean, I'm JUS SAYIN...It would be a GREAT IDEA!!! :))))
AnywayZ, Locations for the European Wax Center are found all over the US so
Go HERE to find the nearest location to YOU!!! :)))
Here are some of the Arizona locations...

Annnnnnd WHEN you go, since I was awesome enough to tell you all about this AMAZING deal, PULEEEEEZE be AWESOME and tell them that Mary Ginty from Paradise Valley reccommended you!!! When you tell them this, i will get $5 credit added into my account!!! How AWESOME IS THAT??? Soooo MAKE SURE, you TELL THEM, that I TOLD YOU!!! I won't be able to find out WHO gives me the credit for saying i reccommended them soooo Thank you in advance Ladies...go get your eyebrows done!!!
Once again go HERE to find the nearest location to you!!!
♥Mary Frances :)