Saturday, September 14, 2013

TP debate!!!

Sooooooooooo I'm at Shelbie's bridal shower the other night, BEAUTIFULLY decorated, totally forgot to get any pics, anywayZ, we're playin one of the typical shower games, He said/She said...its a quote game where you guess who said it, the bride or the groom, annnnnnnd one of the things to guess was who said, "TP roll has to be over the top" I read that and was like sooooooooooooo confused!!! I asked the girls I was with WHATS that supposed to mean???
Sooooooo the girls were explaining to me that people prefer the roll of toilet paper to go one way or the other...I'm just like REALLY??? Like, PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE about this???? Aparently, its a BIG DEAL in some peoples lives...AHAHAHA!!!!
I'm thinking in my mind, ummmmmm I wonder IF I should tell them HOW I put MY roll of toilet paper??? FINALLY i'm like, you know WHAT, I'll JUST TELL THEM!!! LOLOL!!! I'm like, WOW, sooooo people ACTUALLY debate this ISSUE??? I held my breath, then told MY SHOCKING VIEW on the matter,Cuz, MY TOILET PAPER...
NEVERRRR ACTUALLY makes it onto the TP HOLDER!!!
Yes, THATS right, chillin on the counter!!! I thought I was gonna be the ONLY one that felt this way, annnnnnnnnd the Ashley says, ME TOO!!! I was like, YES!!! I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! We high-fived each other!!! See, there's more than just two kinds of people: There's the OVER THE TOP peeps, theres the under the tops peeps annnnnnnnnnnd THEN theres me and ASHELY that are just like...
When we get married the debate with our spouse will be, TP ON the holder or OFF the holder???
♥Mary Frances :)