Monday, September 16, 2013


Heeeeeeeeeey you guys!!! Guess what?!?!
Free burritos today at Fredricos from 5-7  customers can choose a bean and cheese, green chile, or red chicken burrito for dinner. SOME people are saying that there is NOOOOO WAAAAAY they are going to eat at Fredricos everrr again...I'm just like okaaaaaaaaay WHATEVERRR!!! The queen of clean even went and inspected the Fredricos in Litchfield Park, gave them TIPS annnnnd THEN her stamp of aproval!!!
 I mean, sooooooooo some people got EXTREMELY SICK a few weeks ago, I won't go into details on my blog, buuuuut you can look it up on google if you want, anywayz, just because a few people got EXTREMELY sick, does NOT mean we need to STOP going!!!
I mean, think about it, everyone, aside from Noah and his family died in the flood...I mean like, thats the WHOLE entire world, annnnnnnd yet to this day, WE STILL DRINK WATER!!! THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!! Soooooooo go get your free burrito at 5!!! Actually, TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY, make it a FAMILY EVENT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)