Thursday, September 26, 2013

WCC outfits!!!

Im soooooo EXCITED!!! I have all my WCC outfits picked out!!! Weeeeellli thought I did, buuuuut THEN I remembered that it will be cold out and that I'll be able to wear my blue Mar Bear fur!!! Soooo now I have to figure out which outfit is going to go!!! Hmmm...
Soooooo I'm really excited about the bright outfit... It's sooo flowery and Lacey I love it!!! Now I jus gotta figure out the hair accessory and shoes!!! Annnnnd don't worry, it will look better in me then in the hanger!!! ;))) lol
 QUESTION LADIES: With the one whole outfit with the peachy orange skirt, Do you think I should wear white shoes with it or one of the other colors in the outfit??? Or some people are saying Carmel!! 
I know, I know, several people told me that your not supposed to wear white after September, annnnd I would be fine with that...buuuuuuut... The problem is that WCC is in the fall, NOT in the spring!!! If I wear it in the spring no one at WCC will be able to see my outfit!!! Ahahaha!!! Eh, as long as it's cute... That's MY ETTIQUETTE RULE!!!! Lol