Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I saw this picture the other day annnnnd thought it was soooooo ADORABLEY CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! Lil Twinkies!!! Get it TWINkies????
 I was telling everyone at church about it after church Sunday morning!!! I was like, WHEN I GET MARRIED, I soooo wanna have some TWINkies!!!!
Within about ten seconds, Bro. Sam, our youth/mid-life leader says, No TWINkies for YOU MARY!!! When YOU GET MARRIED, your gonna have yourself some...
                     SWISS ROLLS!!!
I was like, Swiss Rolls??? WHAAAAT???It took me like ten seconds to get what he was saying and then I just BUSTED UP LAUGHING!!!
I have NO IDEA how he thought of that soooo fast!!! It must of been that annoining of The Lord on him as my youth/mid-life leader!!! 
Get it you guys??? TWINkies= white babies and Swiss Rolls= black and white babies(milato) Now you get??? BLACK AND WHITE??? If I marry  chocolate man we'll have some lil Swiss Rolls??? Ahahahahaha!!! 
Good one Bro. Sam!!! *FIST BUMP!!! ;)