Friday, November 15, 2013

A picture of my LOVE LIFE!

Okaaaaaaaay soooo while at WCC, I was hounded by some wonderful friends, to JUST TELL THEM who I like!!! Sooooo Jacob, Marvin, Nicole, Bethany, annnnnnnnd Stephanie, I decided to just go ahead and post a pic of my LOVE LIFE!!! Here you all go!!!
Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! Anyone else have a love life that looks like that??? 
You got friends that give you gifts like 
(Heeeeey he needs a suit!!!!) If your like me, annnnnnnd you have a WONDERFUL, non-existent love life, there is GOOD NEWS!!!
SINGLES WEEK IS COMING UP AGAIN SOOOOOOOON!!!! Hang on tight my friends! Monday, November 25, we will do ANOTHER SINGLES WEEK!!! Last singles week we ended with first ever Apostolic Warrior!!! (AW) this time we'll be ending with an Apostolic Beauty!!! 
I know, I know, I got a LOT of WHY hasn't there been any more Apostolic Warriors since thest one???? Heeeeey ladies, hold your horses, I don't just pick out anyone to profile... It's an HONOR... We gotta keep the standards HIGH!!! ;) the Next AW will not be posted till the NEXT singles week after this one which will NOT be till the new year!!! Sorry ladies!!  ;)