Saturday, November 16, 2013

Drive to WCC 2013!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo here starts the WCC posts series!!! SOMEONE, I wont mention any names...keeps texting me ABOUT doing WCC....buuuuuuuuuut I hope your happy Ashlyn DeAro...lolol!!! Weeeeeellll.... I had better be nice to her...she said she was posting my pic on their church website to help me get a boo! HAHAHAHAHA!!! THANKS GIRRRRL!!! Actually, its been quite a few people that have texted me about this....SORRY to keep you all waiting!!! Mwaaaaaah!!!
 Sooooooooo the 10 hour drive to WCC was VERY SHORT for me!!! We left at 10pm I fell asleep midnight and slept straight through til about 9:30...
MJ just chilling with her iPad!!!
T was looking up Cracker Barrel on her phone, the nearest one was like 200 miles REALLY??? No Cracker Barrels in the Fresno Area???
Me and Gracie...Like my pin rolls??? YES! i walked around the Raddisson with my hair like this!!!! Heeeeeeey its a PROCESS to beauty!!! Don't expect me to look GOOD 24/7/365!!!
 Altho, lets stop for a moment and look at this pic of me in pin curls annnnnnnd lets all admit THAT, even at my WORST, I still look pretty CUUUUUUUTE!!! ;)))) Okaaaaaay we won't post the pics my brothers got of me SLEEPING THO!!! LOLOLOL
MOM was FREEZING the WHOLE trip!!! Buuuuut T's van has this really cool feature where you can actually split the AC and Heater in the front between sides...unfortunatley the back was all AC!!! I was FREEZING TOO!!! LOL
Abie singing and doing the motions for Father Abraham while he drove!!! My mom was like having a panick attack....I was just like...Hold on so i can get a pic!!! HAHAHA!!!
Soooooooo its kind of a tradition for us to stop at this place right on the outskirts of Fresno called Bravo Farms!!! They sell all kinds of interesting Farmer's Market type stuff!!!
Of course I could NOT resist taking a picture with this lil box of chocolates!!!
Got Dark???? Yup!!! I couldn't resist!!! EVEN THO, Pastor's last parting words to me before leaving for WCC were that, "You might just need to settle for some WHITE CHOCOLATE Mary!"
 Oh YES Lord, give me a submissive spirit and obedient heart in this matter!!! ;)))) Iffen it be the Lord's will I'll take a white chocolate boo too!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!
Sooooooooo then we were walking around the property and they have all these cool things for the kids to do...
Sooooooooooo i'm a BIG KID!!!! Despite my brother's warning of them thinking that the steps couldn't hold me and that it was a steep climb, yada, yada, yada, etc...My sissy-in-law, Gracie poo and I, climbed to the fourth story!!! It was soooooooo COOOOOOL looking down at everyone!!!
So then everyone that climbs the tree signs their name or puts there name with whoever they like!!! Soooo of COURSE I had to do this TOO!!! I know, your probabley thinking NAME??? as in ONE and NOT plural??? NAMES??? Weeeeeeelllll... there is ALWAYS ONE NAME on my list that supercedes the OTHER TEN!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaay ACTUALLY, my list is pretty small right ONLY FIVE NAMES ON IT!!! Any guy that has made it, should feel HONORED!!! Of course, its NOT like they'll everrrrr find out...UNLESS I marry them...BAHAHA!!! Hmmmmm...I WONDER who's NAME will be written up there in the tree, NEXT YEAR??? HMMMMMM...
Sooooooo as soon as we arrived in Fresno I spotted this camp out spot...I texted my Mexican dad and was like, DAD, is this where your staying??? LOLOL
 He's like, yeah, you wanna stay with us??? BAHAHA!!! He had been joking with me be BEFORE HAND, that they were too POOR to stay at the Radisson!!!! LOL WHATEVERRRR!!!! You should see the car he got for his "REAL" daughter!!!!
MJ's just chillaxing cuz we arrived to Fresno TO EARLY to check in!!! Theeeeeeeeen...I was TRYING to convince my sister to PURRRRRR!!! She said she couldn't!!! I was like COME ON T! PURRRRR!!!!
THEN we stopped at this Taco Bell...did you all know THAT Taco Bell NOW SERVES BREAKFAST???? Check this out, A WAFFLE TACO!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I just LOOOOOOOOVE finding weird stuff like that!!!! Unfortunatly, I was still working on the 50 pounds before WCC, even tho we were already THERE...LOLOLOL... soooooo I didn't try it!!!! Can someone, that is NOT on a diet, puleeeeeezee get one and tell me how it is???
Annnnnnnnnnnd FINALLY it was TIME to check in to the Radisson!!! Annnnnnnd OF COURSE, I immeditaley started SOCIALIZING!!!! I sat down first thing with Bethany, Jacob and Caleb...SORRY your NOT in the pic Caleb.....annnnd they immediatley decided to start hounding me about my NON-existent LOVE LIFE!!! LOL Soooo WHO do you like Mary??? Caleb grabbed my phone and was like, lets see whats on here!!! I'm like GO AHEAD, there is like NOTHING TO SEE!!! Trust me, NOTHING!!! 
I'm NOT to sure WHYYYYY people are so enthralled to know about the NOTHINGness that goes on with me and my crushes...ANNNND SEE THERESA ANNNNND ANALI, I know I drive you all cRaZy sometimes with the stories over and over and over again, buuuuuut don't you realize what an HONOR and PRIVILEGE it truley IS to know!!!! NOT EVERYONE gets to HEAR THIS STUFF!!!!;))))))
Plus, I think my family was greatful that they didn['t have to HUNT ME DOWN after EVERY SERVICE and that they could just FORGET about me after church and KNOW that if all else failed I could just WALK back to the hotel by the end of the night!!! BAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!
Weeeeeeeeelllllllll...thats all for NOW!!! More to come ASHLYN!!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)