Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Heart break???

Talking to Anali on the phone recently, I pulled out total DRAMATICS!!! Talking about some recent stuff in my NON-existent LOVE LIFE!!! I'm like, ANALI, do you realize that, when THAT happened it was like total HEART BREAK???
She's like OKAAAAAAY MARY! That was NOT heart break!!! I'm like, WHATEVERRRR ANALI!!! Don't tell me its NOT heart break!!! (Don't know HOW she knew??? Could be cuz 10 minutes after my "Heartbreak" moment I was estatic about a NEW ahem...occurance you could say that took place right after the "Heart break"!) Its MY HEART ANALI!!! Annnnnd I THINK I know when its broken!!! I'm like besides, i've BEEN through heart break, soooo I KNOW!!! She's like, OKAAAAAY exactley, you'be been through it before, so YOU, of ALL PEOPLE, should know, that, THAT WAS NOT HEART BREAK!!! I thought about it for like 10-seconds, remembered all the tears, sleep less nights, etc...I was like OKAAAAAAY yeah your right...I could be SLIGHTLY exagerating!!! ;) 
I'm like OKAAAAAAY soooooo it wasn't a HEART was just kind of like a heart CRUSH...ya know??!?! It was squeezed, crushed buuuuut NOT BROKEN!!! LOLOL!!! She's like, OK yes!!! Thats A GOOD analogy and I'm glad your acknowledging the DIFFERENCE!!! I'm like yes, its just kind of like, my heart got STEPPED ON!!! 
THEN I was thinking about this later on, I"M LIKE HEEEEEEEY thats why I have such a soft heart!!! It gets stepped on, A LOT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuuut you know what, every time it gets stepped on, it gets a little bit softer and is just PREPARING my heart for...
 that ACTUALLY gets ME!!! 

*sooooo HAPPY for him!!!
-Mary Frances :) 
P.S. I hope he gets HIS heart stepped on a FEW times as well!!! ;))))