Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 1 of WCC!!!

Awwwwwwwww soooooooo the first FULL day of WCC...it was SUCH a blast!!! I started the day off by waking up at 5:30 am so that I could get dressed and my hair done while everyone was still sleeping...this is how I roll...to avoid traffic jams with everyone else in the room ANNNNNND so I  have the mirror ALL TO ME!!!
After I was ready I headed over to save seats for everyone in our group annnnnnd THEN I headed over to Starbucks!!!! Woot! Woot!!! Did you all KNOW THAT, Starbucks has SUGAR FREE mocha flavored syrup??? that was AMAZING news to me!!!  So I'm sitting there drinking my wonderful chocolateyness and a group of friends walk up  annnnnd I see its ERYNN!!!  Annnnnnd then I got to meet some friends from Oregean, (Sp?) Adriana Saucier, WHO we've been text buds already, buuuuut I got to meet her LIVE and in person but we NEVERRRRR got a pic together girrrrrl!!! Then I got to meet two other guys from there, one I forgot his name...buuuuuuuut I remet him again at Denny's...I like, reintroduced myself to him and he was like, Yeah, your Mary, I met you at Starbucks....I was like OH YEAH...I FORGOT...buuuuut NOW I forgot AGAIN!!! Oh annnnnd I met Caleb Wooten...Actually I met Luke(AKA: LukeeeeeY) Wooten too! WOOTEN...you guys seriousley is that like NOT the COOLEST last name EVERRRR??? To have the SAME last name as MY AIO HERO!!! All you girls out there, should try to marry one of these guys, JUST FOR THE LAST NAME!!! SERIOUSLY!!! LOLOLOL
THEN Anali texts me and tells me to COME BACK to the Radisson to hang out...soooo I walked back!!! Had some GOOD socializing with my friends before church....
Then we walk over for prayer. We're about to start praying and Jen leans over to me and whispers, Mary do you have a tissue? I search my purse real quick, see that I dont have one and lean back and whisper, 
"No buuuuuuut I have some Splenda!!"
She's like, oh ok! And she's like about to start praying, when she leans back over to me and says, Did you just say, NO, BuT you have SPLENDA???" Im like, YES! She's like, that is like THE MOST RANDOMEST response! I'm like, WEEEEEELLLL...I HAVE IT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
Awwwwww me and Kim Garrett RAMOS!!! Whoop! Whoop!!!
I'm still WAITING for the TAMALES girrrrrrrl!!! ;))) Seriousley, next year you better be breaking them out for me!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
Me and Miranda...we KINDA matched!!! LOL
Anali, Ashlyn, Wendy, ME annnnnnd MY PURSE!!! Had to make sure it was IN the pic!!! Bettseyville...its my FAVORITE brand...basically cuz they're sooooo cuuuuuute!!!
MORE FRIENDS!!! VIvian, Rachel, Veronica annnnnnnd ME!!! (:
Sooooooo after a while, our group FINALLY decided on going to Elephant Bar to eat lunch!!! This is when the pranks started!!! LOLOLOL!!! Weeeeeeeelllllll anyone that knows Jen Connell, knows that she is a TOTAL PRANKSTER and EVERYONE is her VICTIM!!! Soooooo on the first day have arriving there, I made a beeline to her and Anali's room! Well, I see some pink papers on Jen's bed, I'm like, What are those? She's like, FAKE parking tickets! I do them to people ALL the time!!! I'm like, OOOooooo we sooooooooooo have GOT to get the guys from my church with that!!! I'm like, can I have one? She's like, oh you can have a bunch!!! I'm like sweeeeeeet!!!!
So On the way over to the Elephant bar Anali, YES, it was ANALI that remembered, Altho Jen WAS the supplier and I was the idea to who we should do this too, was like, HEY this would have been the PERFECT time to give the guys that fake parking violation ticket!!! Jen's like, OH but I forgot to bring them! I was like, Oh NO don't worry have the ones you gave me with me...
I put them in my Bible!
Sooooo as we drove we began to come up with a plan, I would be the one to fill out the ticket, since I have HORRIBLE handwriting and we all know that a police officer isn't going to have PRETTY or bubbly handwriting. Then we decided that while we were eating, Trinity and Bell would go to the bathroom together, since they were the youngest, they would most likely be the least noticeable to be missing...cuz I mean, it would DEFINATLEY be noticeable if MY MOUTH was missing for more than five minutes!!! BAHAHA!!!!Soooooooo we get to Elephant bar and WATCH to see where the guys park...THEN we just go and eat...
I got mongolian beef and Parmesian green beens...that I paid $2.95 extra for...YEs Joe, was there to remind me of how much EXTRA I was paying for them...LOL!!! Ok I like to try weird sounding things!!! LOL
We all had a good time talking and goofing off while we ate together!!! Okaaaaaaaaay this was a HILARIOUS MOMENT TO ME!!! So Joe and Anali are having a convo, annnnnnnd soooooo IF you know ANALI, she talks super fast and can say about 1000 WPM annnnnnd IF YOU KNOW JOE, he says about MAYBE 1000 words TOTAL in 24 hours!!! Sooooooo ANALI is talking and Joe is about to insert in about 2.5 words and Anali is like, WAAAAAAIT, WAAAAAIT,(Insert Spanish accent) please, JUST LET ME TALK!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just like LOST IT!!! I was like, Yeah Joe, PULEEEEEEZE...just LET Anali TALK!!! Cuz YOU KNOW she NEVERRR gets too!!! 
Ooooooo annnnnnnd it was pure entertainment and hyperness at our end of the table. We had this little girl, about 11 years old sitting with us that was like, WILD!!! I think her name was Jocelyn!!! Buuuuuut she was like HILARIOUS!!! She kept like throwing stuff at Tommy from our church and Tommy's sooooo sweet to her he ACTUALLY paid her to stop! Buuuuuut she said to be his friend it was gonna be MORE MONEY!!! I was like NOOOOO don't give her anymore!!! LOL Soooooooo THEN she goes back to throwing stuff at him!!! Soooo finally I'm like, Jocelyn come here, annnnd I'm trying to be you know, motherly to her, I'm like whispering in her ear real nicely, Heeeeey lets NOT throw anymore stuff at him ok? Her eyes get ALL big as i'm whispering, she puts her hand over her mouth and says REAL LOUD, OH YOU LIKE TOMMY??? Noooooooooo WAY!!!!! We all just busted up laughing, I must say, it was a GOOD PLOY!!! I'm like, OK that was a GOOD ONE!!! The rest of the conference, EVERY TIME SHE SAW ME, even waiting in line at the bathroom, she'd be like, HEEEEEEY! HOWS YOUR BOYFRIEND??? I'm like, Whateverrrr, get outta here!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Then I met these really nice girls...buuuuuuut I can't remember their names....Buuuuuut I gave them blog cards...LOL...Jen was SUPPOSED to tell me but she hasn't responded to my text yet!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THEN it was time to leave....which MEANT...we got to watch the guys get THEIR TICKET!!!! Oooooo us girls were like ESTATIC about it!!! We were all like about to lose it with laughter! Jen's like, lets like walk with them to the car to see their reaction! I'm like, YEAH, buuuuut isn't that gonna be suspicious??? I mean, SINCE when do we care enough to walk with them to their car...weeeeeeellllll...ASIDE FROM ANALI!!! ;))))) Soooooooo we walk over and JEn's like, HEEEEEY do you all wanna go get Starbucks? (They didn't! LOL!) Buuuuuut the still didn't notice it right away...sooooo we all just LEFT cuz we were like DYING and were about to lose it!!!
THEN THEY SAW IT!!! You shoulda seen them!!! They all got out of the car and were walking around the car LOOKIN and saying stuff!!! it was HYSTERICAL!!! I got pics OF COURSE!!!
Waaaaaaait... lets ZOOM in on them!!!!
It was just sooooooo HILARIOUSLEY FUNNNNNNY!!! By the time we got back to the Radisson they HAD actually figured out that it was a joke!!! I mean, IF you really read it, you KNOW that there is NO way it could be a REAL ticket!!!!  Like, since WHEN does a police officer give you a ticket for parking SELFISHLY??? That one was my absolute FAVORITE!!! I would sooooo be getting one of those right now IF they could!!! 
Okaaaaay here is THE ACTUAL TICKET...
When we got back to the Radisson annnnnnnnnd we were all hanging out in the Coffee shop and we showed Kevin the fake ticket, he takes one look at it and says very matter of factly, weeeeeeelllll FIRST OF ALL, it looks like a KINDERGARTNER wrote it out!!! I'm like HEEEEEEEEY!!! Watch it!!! LOLOL  
THEEEEEEEN we were all just standing around when Sis. Jones walked into the coffee shop!!! I'm like OH Sis. Jones!!! HI!!! (She has NO CLUE who I am!!! LOLOLOL) SHe's like Oh hi, or something like that! Annnnnnd I'm like, GOOD singing this morning!!! Cuz she sang in between the first and second preacher. She's like OH THANK YOU!!! I'm like, yeah, I was sooooo excited to hear that you were going to sing, I EVEN WAITED till AFTER you were done singing to go use the restroom!!! Everyone just like busts up laughing and she's like, OH well the Lord will bless you for your SACRIFICE!!!  Which made us all laugh more!!! 
THEN we all went on the elevator together....annnnnnnd GOT a cool pic!!! 
Awwwww me and my FRIENDERRRRS!!! 

THen the doors opened and NO one had to get off buuuuut I see Danae!!! I'm like oh Danae!!! We need a pic together!!!! LOLOLOL So we get a pic REAL QUICK then I get back on!!!
Then I went to my room annnnnnnnnnd got ready for evening service in like seriously 10 minutes!!! I was just like, whateverrrr....my hair STILL looks cuuuuuuuuuute soooooo WHY redo it???? I mean, WHY waste time getting ready when you can spend it SOCIALIZING???
Me and Ashlyn!!!
That night Bro. Lambeth preached annnnnnd OF course I can't leave out the famous quote of the conference, with his Brazillian accent, "Hello, I'm Kris! And I'm Mr. Whitikar!!!" Bahahahaha!!! Also, he got back at his fellow preacher friends really good cuz they had been giving him a hard time about preaching at WEST COAST CONFERANCE, he got back at them by giving out their ROOM NUMBER!!! I WAS LIKE, NIIIIIIIIIICE!!!
They got a pic of me on the balcony, I thought it looked really COOOOOOL!!! I think I look like a princess looking down from her....ummmm...SOMETHING...whateverrrrr princesses look down from I GUESS!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Then I'm downstairs and Kevin texts me to LOOK UP!!! He was on the top balconys being SECURITY!!! annnnnnnnnnd I'm NOT sure WHY but he wore his yellow jacket half on and half off the WHOLE NIGHT!!! I guess basically cuz, THATS JUST KEVIN!!! LOLOLOL
FINALLLLLLLY its like BEDTIME annnnnnnnnnnd its like two in the morning by now, I'm drifting off to sleep WHEN I remembered that Bro. Lambeth had given out his friend's room number!!! I'm like, Heeeeeeey T! We should call that preacher's room!!! What was it? Room 404??? She's like,
"GO TO SLEEP!!!!!"

-Mary Frances :)