Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Here comes my suitcase!!!

I was running errands for people today and one of them happened to be at Dillard's!!! So I'm with MJ going through the purfume department annnnnnnnd I had to stop and sample one of my new favorite perfumes!!! Viva La Juicy!!! Mmmm that stuff smells soooo GOOD!!!
Sooo I'm sampling, which means saturating my garments in it when one of my friends called. Soooo I'm exclaiming to her how good it is and she's like, are you gonna get it?! I'm like, yeah right!!! She's like WCC!!! I'm like, nooooo I'm not spending any more money I'm JUST SAMPLING!!! Then we're like, HEEEEY!!! Just go get my suitcase!!! Can you imagine?!?! Pardon me Dillard's!!! HERE COMES MY SUITCASE!!! Don't mind me as ALL MY CLOTHES, "sample" this Viva La Juicy!!! Lolol