Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The bestest compliments!!!

I was recently given what I consider one of the HIGHEST compliments I could EVERRR want! I was at Target returning something, and as I walked a way from the counter, I heard a loud booming voice say, THERES A PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OUT HERE???
I turned and saw a young man in work out clothes returning a bike. He didn't look in any way Pentecostal but had aparently had some sort of encounter with Pentecost, that part in of itself is another blog post, buuuuut what I wanted to talk about to nigh is how he said, THERE'S A PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OUT HERE??? 
He didn't have to ASK me, are YOU Pentecostal??? He JUST KNEW by looking at me, that I was PENTECOSTAL!!! I like that!!! Sooooo often these days you'll see someone in the store or anywhere, annnnnd they KINDA look Pentecostal, buuuut you can't really tell, so you'll ask them. Are you Pentecostal? And then there are soooo many people that call themselves Pentecostal, buuuuut they LOOK LIKE THE WORLD!!! You can't tell the difference!!! When people look at me, I want them to SEE A PENTECOSTAL!!! 
I had this cRaZy stupid dream this one time that this person was like YELLING at me because I was like goofing off and I was like okaaaaaay cuz I wasn't even doing NOTHING, buuuuut I was STILL very polite to them in the dream!!! I was like, Oh I'm sorry!!! And they said to me in the dream, You know, your NOT acting VERY PENTECOSTAL!!! Annnnd when they said THAT to me in my dream, I was like, OH NO  YOU DIDN"T!!! You can say whatever you want to me! You can call me WHATEVER YOU WANT, buuuuuuuuuuuut do NOT call me UNPENTECOSTAL!!! That was THE LOWEST PUT DOWN YOU COULD EVER GIVE THIS 30-year-old!!!! I remember I was SOOOO MAD!!! I know it was just a STUPID dream, buuuuuut thats just the way I feel about this!!! 
The NEXT best compliment I got was this past Sunday. I was at the apartment complex that i go to getting people to church and this lady, she calls herself the cRaZy white lady, she is like HILARIOUSLY wilid, loud and weeeeellll a LOT of other things, I havnt gotten her to church yet, buuuut I'm believing one day! I felt impressed several years ago to just show her love!!! So when she saw some of the kids that I was bringing to church and she says to them, OH your going to church with Mary? GOOD!!! Then she's telling the kids, pointing to me and saying, I'll tell you ONE THING about THIS WOMAN, she has the LOVE OF GOD ALL OVER HER!!!
When she said that I was just like AWWWWWW!!! That made me feel soooooo GOOOD!!! To know that someone, sees and feels the love of God on me!!! Thats one of the GREATEST COMPLIMENTS we could ever be given!!! That's my desire!!! That's what I want, TO BE LIKE JESUS!!!