Sunday, December 15, 2013


We had AWESOME church tonight!!! It started out with GREAT pre-service prayer! Then they gave a testimony of a girl that comes to our church with one of the families at church...last week she had a special prayer request that her dad could PLEASE come home for Christmas! She hadn't heard from him and it seemed like a impossibility, but the church prayed and today they testified that she had gotten a call this past week and her dad WILL be coming home for Christmas!!! She was like totally crying as they gave was sooo AWESOME!!! God really does hear our prayers and he cares...right down to the children!!!!
Then we had the Bakers at our church. They sang a bunch of songs and it was so good!!! THen Bro. BaKER PREACHED an awesome message about the hand of God being on your life and how you want that in your life and how you want to have God's anointing on you annnnd I can't sum it up into the right words but it was sooooo GOOD!!! I want that in my life so badly!!! I know I can't be content where I am, the anointing doesn't just come from God just sitting on my seat, I've got to push more, go further and seek after it! God really moved and our church was soooo blessed!!!
♥Mary Frances :)