Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cake Rolls!!!

Today was a very busy and productive day for me...
I MADE 13 cake rolls!!!

After learning how to make pumpkin rolls with my youth group,  I was inspired to make them for our neighbors as well...Now my sis and I have a plan...SHE BUYS the ingredients annnnnnd I make them!!! Then we give it FROM BOTH of us!!! It works out GREAT because  I don't wanna lay out the cash and she says she don't want anything to do with making them!!! LOLOL Soooo that's our team work!!!
ANYWAYZ, I was like T we should make chocolate mint cake rolls to give out to our neighbors for Christmas!!! Annnnnnd Bro. Sam had the idea of adding crushed mint oreos in the middle with the cream as well. Soooooo I started the process this week... its been quite a process making them buuuuut I have really enjoyed it thus far!!! Sunday I made the cream, today I made the cake rolls and then I will complete assembling them together!!!
Here is the end result of THE ONE that I did get completely assembled together!!!

 I WISH I could have tried it buuuuuuuuuuuut...I was a good girl today!!! I'm trying REALLY hard!!! I didn't even lick the batter off my fingers...which means my apron is like COVERED in chocolate!!! T said that they taste REALLY good tho!!! YAAAAAY!!
I'm TAKING orders you guys!!! If anyone would like to buy one from me, they cost $12 for a 14 inch cake roll, $7 for a 7 inch cake roll!!! Locally sold ONLY...LOL!!! If interested EMAIL ME at maryfranceswriting@gmail.com ALL PROCEEDS goes to help fix SHA-NAY-NAY!!!! (My car! Which is used to bring people to church!!!:)
IF your WONDERING if i'm a good cook, ALLOW ME to tell you THIS...

♥Mary Frances :)