Thursday, December 26, 2013

His presence for Christmas...

Several weeks ago, I walked into the church before the morning devotions for GCA and when I walked I could hear the voices of people praying. I don't know why, I hear it all the time, buuuuut at that moment, I thought, how comforting it felt to HEAR PRAYING!!! For a few moments...Instead of praying myself, I just sat there and listened to people praying...Just something soooooo wonderful about feeling the presence of God!!!
This past Sunday, Denae and Sheree sang a song called, "I want His Presence for Christmas!!!!!" Presence/Presents...yes it was a play on words...Buuuuuuuuuut think about it, HIS PRESENCE IS the greatest PRESENT we could ever get!!! We have it you guys!!! He came for us...As I quote from AIO...His presence, GIVES us a REASON to LIVE...that's worth DYING for!!!
Thank you JESUS for YOUR PRESENCE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)