Friday, December 27, 2013

WHY the water wouldn't warm up!!!

Soooooo yesterday, ON Christmas, in the middle of making homemade pasta, my brothers decided that I also NEEDED to make Zeppoli dough! Now, Zeppolis are basically an Italian doughnut...Soooooo I pull out the recipe annnnnnnd I'm making up the dough, it calls for a package of yeast, IN WARM WATER!!! My brother's are like, AND MAKE SURE, you use WARM water!!! NOT cold and NOT hot!!!
Sooooooooo I got to the sink to get some WARM water and its just COLD!!! Soooooo I'm like okaaaaay it will probabley warm up after a few moments! I wait and wait and its STILL cold!!! I wait LONGER annnnnnnnnnnd its STILL cold!!! I keep WAITING annnnnd its STILL COLD!!! After like five minutes of WAITING for the water to warm up i'm just like, OH GREAT!!!! Don't tell me the hot water heater is broken like at our church!!! There is NOTHING NASTIER than washing dishes in COLD WATER!!!
Everyones like, MARY your STILL waiting for the water to warm up???? I'm like, YEAH, I don't know what's wrong with it, it WON'T GET WARM!!! Then even as I'm saying that, I SEE WHY the water won't get warm!!! I'm like, OOOOOOOOOOO waaaaaaaaaaaaait I KNOW why it won't get warm...its on the COLD SIDE!!!! Everyones like, WOW MARY!!! WOW!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Annnnnnnd that my friends is...
 WHY the water wouldn't get warm!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)