Friday, January 17, 2014

Do YOU have a life?

Have you ever been told by someone before to, GET A LIFE!!!! I think its sooooo FUNNNNY when people are always telling me that they, "Have a life!" I have a friend that always likes to tell me that they don't read my blog because THEY, "Have  a life!" I'll say, HEEEEEY have you read my blog lately and they'll say, "Sorry Mary, I ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE!" Annnnnd i'm thinking, YEAH RIGHT!!! Duuuuuuuuuude WHATEVERRRRR!!! You KNOW you DON'T, because IF YOU wouldn't ALWAYS have to be telling me, that YOU DO!!!
Buuuuuuuuuut lately I've just been telling people, I don't even have a life!!! Someone will ask me, Mary, are you coming to my birthday? Annnnnd I'm like, YEAH, OF COURSE i'll be at your party... I DON'T HAVE A LIFE!!! They're like, MAAAAARRRRRRRYYYYYY!!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnd THEY LAUGH...  which is what I want...I'm like, NO REALLY...
I'm a 30-year-old, SINGLE WOMAN, WITH NO KIDS...
Your having a Birthday party? Yes i'll be there!!!!
Baby shower? YES! YES! YES!!! Awwww I LOVE babies!!!!
Bridal shower? Of course i'll come!!!
(Now don't expect a gift...I mean...YOUR GETTING A HUSBAND...Like you really need a gift from ME too!!!;)
Your getting married? I'm on my way!!! (Hey! A free meal and SOCIALIZIN!)
Game night? YES!!!
Graduation? Oh yeah!!!
Whatever is going on, I'LL COME, becauuuuuuuuuuuse I'm SINGLE AND I DON"T have a life!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay maybe i'm slightly exaggerating, buuuut to some degree its truth. I have NO husband that I am obligated too!I I have NO kids!  I don't have a curfew, a bedtime, no pets...My only responsibilities are work and church!!! I DON'T HAVE A LIFE...therefore...I'm AVAILABLE to have FUNNNN!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut I got to thinking about this, How I've been joking that, "I DON'T HAVE A LIFE!" annnnnnnnnnnnd I got to thinking about it, YOU KNOW, living for God, I really don't have a life!!! When you decide to live for God and I mean REALLY LIVE FOR GOD, you give Him, YOUR LIFE!!!! When I was 6-years-old, I gave my life to Jesus!!! Its NOT my life anymore, its HIS LIFE!!! He can do with my life, WHATEVER He wants, because its HIS LIFE!!!
When you are a servant or a slave, your life is NOT YOUR OWN!!! "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" (1 Corinthians 6:19) Your time is NOT your own!!! You belong to someone else and the person you belong to takes care of and provides for you. The Bible talks about servants. It says in the book of Exodus...
"If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing. If he came in by himself, he shall go out by himself: if he were married, then his wife shall go out with him. If his master have given him a wife, and she have born him sons or daughters; the wife and her children shall be her master's, and he shall go out by himself. And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free: Then his master shall bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul; and he shall serve him for ever." (Exodus 21:2-6)  
Can I tell all something, I DON'T HAVE A LIFE, BECAUSE, I LOVE MY MASTER!!! When you love your master, your AVAILABLE to serve Him!!!
Church? I'll be there!!!
Prayer? DUH!
Outreach? YES!!!
Teach a Bible Study? YES!!!
Work day?? YES!!!
Scrub the toilets? SURE!!!
Pay my tithes? OF COURSE!!!
Need a ride to church? As long as I have car!!!!
When you are a servant, you don't have the freedom to live life the way YOU choose, YOU let THE MASTER choose FOR YOU!!! Whatever my master wants me to wear, I'LL WEAR!!! I'll talk LIKE THE MASTER!!! I'll go where MY Master tells me to go!!!  My heart says, JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO, AND I'LL DO IT!!! You know WHY??? Because I LOVE MY MASTER!!! I gave Him my life ANNNNNNND I WILL serve Him FOREVERRRR!!!
"One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple." (Psalm 27:4)
There comes a time in each and ever one of our lives, where we have THE CHOICE, to go FREE!!! To go and "HAVE A LIFE!" We can choose to leave, or we can say, I LOVE MY MASTER!!! God, MARK ME, annnnnnd I'll stay IN YOUR house, where YOU will take care of me AND I will in turn, SERVE YOU FOREVER!!! I'll say it ONE MORE TIME...
"He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal." (John 12:25)
♥Mary Frances :)