Saturday, January 18, 2014

Financial Wisdumb #3

Heeeeeeeeey EVERYONE!!! Its that time AGAIN...its your monthly Finacial WISEDUMB with Mary!!! I know, I know, you ALL have beeeeen soooooooo WAITING for this!!! You can can catch up on last months post HERE!!!
This month of January, I have another MONEY-SAVING piece of advice FOR YOU!!! Tooth picks!!! ARIZONANS, I have a question for YOU!!! HAVE you all been BUYING tooth picks??? If you just answered a YES to this question; I IN TURN have to ask you ANOTHER question; WHYYYYYY???? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I have to tell you all something: STOP!!! Stop BUYING tooth picks!!!
IF you live in Arizona
Yes, you ALL DID HEAR ME CORRECTLY I did say, FREE!!! Annnnnnnnd, Yes, that IS me in the above picture using the spine of a Saguaro cactus as a TOOTHPICK!!! Brilliant you say??? YES, I KNOW!!! My brain at its FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINEST...don't be Jelly!!! ;))))
You guys, this is like $2.44 that you could be SAVING yourself every like, TWO WHOLE years that you buy a box of toothpicks!!! SOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!! Annnnnnd, Its sooooooooo EASY people, all you have to do is go out to the nearest cacti and twist off one of its wooden spines. It only takes about a minute or so! Now be don't want to push too hard and the Saugouro falls on you and you end up in the hospital...cuz that bill will PRICK OUT You the $2.44 you just saved on toothpicks!!! (Get it People??? PRICKED out??? Cuz its a Cactus thorn!!! Bahahahahaha! TOO FUNNY!!! Good one Mar Bear!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!;)
Now perhaps your thinking, BUUUUUUT I don't live in Arizona, how can I get IN on this AMAZING idea too??? Don't fret Non-Arizonans!!! Me and my NON-existent boyfriend are TO THE RESCUE!!! We came up with an amaZing money-making scheme that ONCE again, we plan to GET RICH off of!!! We will be making souvenier boxes of Sauguaro thorn toothpicks for tourists to buy and take home!!! $2.00 a box...soooooooo you'll STILL be saving .44 cents...PLUS you can go home to all your friends and SHOW them what you go in Arizona....TRUST ME...your friends will think you are sooooo COOL!!!
Soooooo next time you see me and I have little red marks all over hands...annnnnnd your like, awwwwww...MAR BEAR...Oh noooooo my friends...DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR ME!!! There is a PRICE one must pay to becoming RICH...annnnnnnd I'm ON MY WAY!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)