Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Honduran Chikka!!!

Heeeeeeey EVERYONE!!! Miss Allana, missionary daughter to Honduras, FINNNNNNALLLY has her blog up and running again, after a  year break!!!
Annnnnnd since I'm such an AWESOME friend,
I told her that YES, I would let EVERYONE that reads my blog know that her BLOG IS UP!!! Nooooow don't everyone be all askin me to do this for them...move yourself to a 3rd world country, start a church and reach the lost for at least ten years annnnnd I'll CONSIDER giving your blog a special blast as well!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! (However, IF you email me and ask, I WILL add you to my blog roll on the side of my blog as long as the content of  your blog follows Philippians 4:8!) Weeeeeeeelllllll....anyway, ENOUGH of that, go check out Allana's blog!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Allana, you OWE me a handmade apron now!!! I want something #ethnic!!!;))))
P.P.S I DO expect to read about our ACTUAL meeting on your blog now!!!
P.P.P.S STILL waiting for a response to the LAST email I sent you!!! :P