Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sooooooo yesterday afternoon when I went to go pick up MJ from GCA, as I was getting out of my car a few minutes before the bell rang, I see that Jennifer is pulling in on the other side of the parking lot. Sooooo I ZOOM over to her car, when I get to it, put my face to the window of her car and GASP* She's NOT IN THERE!!!
 I'm like WHAAAAAAAT like I literally just saw her in her car 10-seconds ago!!! I'm just standing there staring with my mouth hanging open!!! Liiiiiiike WHAT IN THE WORLD??? God really, you came back and TOOK JENNIFERRRR SOLANO annnnnnnnnnnd left MAR BEAR????
Then I look up from the car AND there I SEE Jennifer IN HER ACTUALCAR like two spots away HYSTERICALLY laughing at me!!! She's like WRONG CAR MARY!!!!
 It was too funnnnnnnny!!! Turns out I was peeking into Sis. Lonberger's car!!! LOLOLOL Jennifer's like, you should have seen yourself, I was just sitting in my car watching you the whole time!!!! You all should have seen us, we were both laughing SOOOOOO HARD!!! Later on when we were driving home MJ tells me, I saw you and Jennifer just laughing away and I just said to myself, "OK! Mary AND Jennifer are being sooooo CRAZY, i'm just gonna go PLAY!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)