Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sooooooo we're dog-sitting and basically MJ is in charge of the dog. So she has him in her room today while the lawn guys were here so that he would stop barking. All of the sudden she comes out of the room and sets him and his kennel outside of her room in the hallway, then she tells me, I'm putting him out here because I'm getting dressed.
I just look at her then process this through my brain, I'm like annnnnnnnd sooooooo your putting him in the hallway because you don't want him to see you getting dressed? She's like, YES!!! I'm like, BECAUSE HE'S A BOY??? She's like, YES!!! I'm like, Sooooooooooooo if the dog was a girl you would let it stay in the room with you while your getting dressed??? She's like, YES! Buuuut MARY,
he's a BOY!!!
Sorry Doggy...NO BOYS allowed in MJ's room!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I like DIED LAUGHING!!!! Is that like totally THE CUTEST thing everrrrr???  
♥Mary Frances :)