Friday, January 10, 2014


Soooooooooo i'm hanging out with Jennifer the other day, you all know Jennifer??? She's crazy, funny, I juuuuuuust discovered she's RIGHT here is AZ and we NEVERRR even knew each other...I'm like REALLY how did our paths NOT cross till NOW??? I wish we coulda known each other when she was still single cuz we soooooooo woulda ROCKED the conferances together....ahahaha !! AnywayZ, we're hanging out after school annnnnnd I see that on her hoody it says Times Square!!!
Now any chance I have to talk to someone about NYC I jump on it!!! I looooooove that place!!! Soooooo I'm like, so you've been to Times Square before?! She's like, yeah, but only ONCE, when I was 16. Then she just stops and STARES at me and is all like, HOW DID YOU KNOW, that I've been there before??? I'm like, Ummmmmm...cuz I'm just CREEPY like that!!! She's like, NO REALLY MARY, HOW DID YOU KNOW???? I'm like, I could just tell!!! I'm just GOOOOOOD at knowing stuff like that!!! She's just like staring at me in AW!!! Finally im juuuuust like,
She looks down and is like...OOOOOOH! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oooooooh JENNNNNNNNIFERRRR...your as bad as me!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut heeeeeeeeey.... at least we all know now that she STILL fits into her 16-year-old clothes!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)