Monday, February 10, 2014

Clean Clothes Pile!!!

Sooooooo last Sunday night a group of us went to Macayos after church to eat. It was ME, Tommy, Stultz and Seth and Alyssa! Sooooo we're sitting there waiting for our food, having a totally random conversation. Alyssa was like, remember how in Ladies Of Legacy one of the ladies said that IF we want our clothes to last longer we shouldn't wash them EVERY time we wear them!?!?! the way she said it was kinda like, who would do that??? So I'm like oh yeah...buuuuuuuuut I'm just kinda being SILENT cuz I totally agree with this concept, buuuuuuuuut AM momentarily scared to admit this ...for FEAR of the fact that NO ONE else at the table agrees with WHOEVER taught us this in Ladies of Legacy!!!
Then Stultz speaks up, he's like, Well you know, that is ACTUALLY true, they don't get worn out as quickly... Weeeeeeeellll one person, that was all I NEEDED to admit that I do this!!! I was like, YES, that's EXACTLEY WHAT I DO!!! I'm like ya know, I just look at them and if they don't have any stains, smell good and are still clean I just take them and hang them back up in my closet!!! its just silent for a moment as everyone just kind of stares at me with these, YEAH RIGHT looks on their faces...
I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay FIIIIIIIIIIIIINE...Sooooooo Maybe I don't actually like HANG THEM BACK UP IN THE CLOSET...Maybe they just HAPPEN to go on to the
Everyone at the table starts laughing!!! They're all like, we were gonna say, WHATEVERRRR Mary!! You sooooooo know that they don't just automatically GET HUNG BACK UP!!! We know your NOT like that!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What can I say, they speak truth...MY PEOPLE KNOW ME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)