Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Years Resolution...

Sooooooooooo since I'm HALFWAY through my New Years Resolution...I thought that I would share with you all, MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!! Okaaaaaaaay soooooo are you all ready to hear the decision I made??? Wait, wait, WAAAAAAAAITTTT....drum roll puleeeeeeeeeeze...barroom, barroom.....

I know, I know, when I announced this decision to our group in the van on the way up to Conquoror's Conference, the guys all got a GOOD LAUGH out of this!!! I was like, OH YEAH, weeeeeeeellllll I'll JUST SHOW THEM!!!! That was like, HONESTLY the BIGGEST motivator for me to ACTUALLY go through with it!!! LOLOLOLOL
Anywayz,  I decided at the end of last year that I REALLY wanted to be better with my finances. I mean, from what I have heard, finances is the #1 thing that people argue about in marriage. So I figured, this is something that I can take control of NOW and prepare for when I am married and a stay-at-home-mom-house-wife instead of a stay-at-home-aunt-house-sister...hahaha!!! Annnnnnd aside from preparing for marriage, I just in general NEED to learn to be a better steward with my MONEY!!!
Now, let me explain to you that what I mean by NO SHOPPING is NOT buying anything that I do NOT NEED!!! No frivolous shopping...If I need hairspray, then YES, you better believe i'm going be stocking up on the freeze!!! LOL I just had to buy a new pack of socks and am desperately in search of a jean skirt cuz I ummmmm...split my other one...BAHAHAHAHA!!! If my main shoes break....Buuuuuuut yeah, new hair accessories just aren't a NEED...UNFORTUNATELY....WAAAAAAAAH!!!! :,(
Buuuuuuuuuuuuut IF anyone wants to buy me some here are a few I ADORE from
 Noooooo REALLY if you feel inclined to do me for mailing info...bahahahahaha!!!!
Anywayz, I AM HALF WAY THROUGH my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!!! How awesome is THAT??? Annnnnnnnnnd would you all like to hear the AWESOME NEWS??? I've paid off one big debt(Well big in my world! An almost $2000 dental bill! LOL) You all have NOOOO IDEA how awesome that felt to have that paid off!!! Its like this HUGE DEAL to me!!! I've been telling EVERYONE ABOUT IT!!!! Seriousley, I paid it off and was SOOOOO proud of myself I purred at ME!!!
I'll keep you all updated as the time goes buy by!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)