Friday, March 7, 2014

WHY I blog!!!
Why do I blog???
Because its FUNNNN! It is not a chore or some tedious thing for me. I am passionate about writing and love having this avenue to express my MARYNESS!!! :))))
What got me started??? Weeeeeeeeeeelllll there was a group of us young people that were writers, from several different churches, that really wanted to start an online magazine for Apostolic Young People. Weeeeeellll you know how organizing stuff amongst more than one person from several different churches....Bishop Abbott was my pastor at this time and he said to just kind of hold off on it. Weeeeeeeelllll a lil while later I heard about this thing that was like a WEBSITE buuuuut it was called a BLOG! I was like hmmmm...maybe I could make this like a PROFESSIONAL looking website to post all my writing on and SOOOO I did and I was SURPRISED to see that people started reading it!!! My first blog, the "Professional Blog!" Is called Mary Frances Writing This HERE is my first ever blog post followed by this testimonial "Holding His Hand!" Soooooo my "Professional blog started in October of 2008...weeeeeelllll...While I was posting this serious stuff on one blog, I was thinking, Oh there is this other part of me that wants to say all this funny stuff...
One day I was talking to one of my friends and I said, "I can't believe that just happened! I am SOOOOO embarassed! WHY DO THESE THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!" Then we both just cracked up laughing because I had to admit it really was FUNNY!!! "What can I say," I said to my friend, "That was a Classic Mary Moment!" I was like, I Know, I'll start ANOTHER blog that is just all funny stuff...annnnnnd VOILA.... A month later, In November of 2008, Classic Mary Moments was born!!!
Howeverrrrr, people started telling me that they liked my funny blog BETTER than my SERIOUS blog! They said, the FUNNNNNNNY was just MORE ME!!! That rather bothered me, because, altho WE ALL KNOW that I am HILARIOUS...hee, hee, hee, buuuuuuuuuut...there is also this other part of me that is very serious and passionate about the things of God. Weeeeeelllll...all of the sudden it was like the humor and the inspiration collided into each other and began to intermingle together. Now I tell people all the time, I have a blog with Christian humor and devotionals...ANNNNNND that's THE REAL MARY...both things working together for the cause!!!
What keeps me going??? There are two things that keep me going!!! 1. I just can't SHUT UP!!! Seriously, I NEVERRRRR run out of things to say. If there is a day I don't post, its NOT from lack of inspiration, but from running out of time in the day!!!! 2. YOU!!! Yes, I did say YOU!!! The fact that there are ACTUALLY people that just LOVE reading what I have to say is soooooooooooooo COOOOOOOL!!! I NEVERRRR expected it to become THIS!!! I NEVERRRR dreamed that people would ACTUALLY read my writings without me having to shove it down their throat! You know, God showed me that I had the ability to write when I was 15-years-old, HOWEVERRRR, I ALWAYS thought that in order for ANYONE to actually take the time to read my stuff, that I would have to marry a preacher...Otherwise, how would anyone even know who I was to read it???? Buuuuuuuuuuut ya know, God really SHOWED ME UP on that thought!!! Cuz here I am, STILL SINGLE annnnnnnnd people be READIN MY STUFF!!! In fact, God's even used my SINGLENESS to lure in readers...HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! (Okay now since you showed me that I don't need a husband for you to use my talent,  you can give me a husband now God!!! ;)
Where do I want to go??? Whereverrrrr God TAKES IT!!!
What is my purpose???
Sooooo everyone always tells me, you have so many readers on your blog, its to bad you couldn't figure out a way to make money off of it! I'm like, yeah, I know, that would be soooo COOOOOOL!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut alas,  am a HORRIBLE sales woman!!! I'm just NOT a business person. Like, I can NOT get people to buy stuff off of me!!! My brother's always say, yeah cuz they know they can get it from you for FREE!!! BAHAHAHA!!!  I was telling my sis one time, How come I can NEVERRRR get people to buy stuff from me??!!?!?! My sis was like you know what, some people were meant to make money and some people were just meant to be a blessing...So JUST BE A BLESSING!!! I was like awwww OKAAAAAAY!!! LOL Annnnnnnnnnnnd that is the purpose of this blog....
 To be a blessing!!! 
 A blessing is simply something that helps you or brings you happiness. That is my desire for my readers, to bring them laughter, to encourage, inspire, motivate and to just ultimately brighten someone's day.
Weeeeeeelllll that's it folks!!! If you blog why NOT answer these same questions on YOUR BLOG!!!! Annnnnnnnnnnd IF you read my blog, how about ya email me,   and tell me WHY you read my blog and HOW you found it and HOW long you've been reading it!!! Have a blessed Friday!!!
♥Mary Frances :)