Monday, March 3, 2014


Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo at 4 am this morning our oven just starts beeping, there was something wrong with the paneling. So my sis says she is calling Mr. Sparky's and they'll be coming to fix the oven. Weeeeeellllll the bell rings I'm expecting this electrician, Mr. Sparky to be a  a grimy looking man... well its NOT!!! He is this super good-lookin man! Blond, Tall, broad shoulders, muscle, guy! Not sure of his eye color tho...I couldn't ACTUALLY look at them...LOL...I look at him and was just like, OH! So I bring him into the kitchen and show him the oven. Weeeeellll the lil boy I take care of takes one look at him and yells out,
I'm just standing there like, with my mouth half open, TOTALLY mortified!!! (Reminds me of THIS POST HERE!!!) Soooooo I decide this is a good moment for me and the lil man to just go hang out in my room! Cuz I mean, aside from being COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED, I am about to lose it and go into hysterical laughter!!! Soooo we're hanging out in my room, I'm texting his mommy, telling her what happened and she's like texting back laughing and informing me that ALL males are dada to him...buuuuut of course Mr. Sparky doesn't know this right?!?! BAHAHA!!!
Weeeeeeellllll as we're texting back and forth, the lil man gets BORED annnnnnd leaves my room!!! I catch him JUST IN TIME, peeking around the corner of the hallway at Mr. Sparky and just as I'm about to reach out to him he whispers to Mr. Sparky, Dada! Dada!!! I'm like AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Of course Mr. Sparky seems to be very good at ignoring lil boys that call him Dada!!! LOL
I'm like, HEEEEEEY at least Mr. Sparky must think that I'm married to a VERY HANDSOME MAN, and that thought alone is rather comforting!!! Heeeeeey on second thought, the lil man seems to have pretty good taste... Maybe I should just LET HIM pick out a husband for ME?!?!?!
Can't you just see it???
I'll tell it to my grandkids, it ALL STARTED with this annoying noise from our oven, the lil man I watch was there when Mr. Sparky the electrician came annnnnnd...
The rest is HISTORY!!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)