Saturday, March 1, 2014

Please TAKE NOTE....

Of adorably cuuuuuute background that has been up for the month of Feb!!! Special thanks to Kevin background designer!!! Now, he originally designed me just hearts annnnnnd it was cute, buuuuut then I was like, keven, WHAT ABOUT smiling hearts...WITH EYE LASHES!!! Annnnnd he redesigned it to that....buuuuuut then I was like Ooooo what about smiling hearts that are a boy heart and a girl heart holding hands? buuuuuut then I decided NOT to take advantage of my friends kindness on his free graphics for my blog....Ya know what i'm saying?!?! LOL ANY who...IF YOU HAVE NOT checked out my background, GO CHECK it out if your on your phone you'll have to scroll down and click on the web can also take note that I've added a lot of new lil pics and sayins on the side of my blog!!! ENJOY!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)