Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Mountain Apart 2014!!!

Weeeeeeeelllll what can I say about this years camp??? First of all, I'm going to be able to sum it ALL UP in ONE BLOG POST!!! I didn't take quite as many pics this year BECAUSE I was
waaaaaaaaaaaaay to busy having FUNNNNNN!!!!
Sooooooooooo I get back from AMA annnnnd the first thing everyone is asking me at my church is, SOOOOO DID YOU MEET SOMONE??? I'm like, ummmmm.... AMA is NOT exactly that kind of a camp...at least FOR ME ANYWAYZ...
SOOOOOME PEOPLE happen to feel DIFFERENTLY about that!!! ;))))
 The first night we had an Ice breaker mixer...It was waaaaaaaaay to much funnnnn!!!
We played this number game where you had to run around the gym and hope that the number you went and stood at didn't get called... 
If your number DID get called you had to go stand on the platform of SHAME!!! LOLOL I almost WON...but Stultz and Denae beat me...THEN Denae beat Stultz and was THE LAST woMAN standing!!!!

  THen we had to divide up into groups by the seasons we were born in and tell our name, where we are from and an embarrassing moment...When Bro. Andrew said this I was like, BUUUUUUUT what if we don't have ANY EMBARRASSING MOMENTS???? And everyone starts laughing, cuz like, WE ALL KNOW that I LIVE IN EMBARRASSING MOMENTS...I've even made a blog out of it...BAHAHA...some people couldn't think of an embarrassing moment sooooooooo I WAS helping them GET SOME EMBARRASSING MOMENTS on the spot!!!! Oh and Broc was in my group annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he asked me WHAT IS the MOST embarrassing thing I've blogged about annnnnnnnnnnnnd I figured it out to be THIS STORY HERE, Also known as, The Moment Of All MOMENTS!!! BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo then we divided into groups again and each group had to make a animal out nacho plates...
It was like EVERY GROUP secretly decided to make TURTLES...LOL 
 Annnnnnnnd the group that won made TWO TURTELS!!! I was like okaaaaaaaaaaay WHATEVERRRRRR...The DIRECTIONS for the game was to make A ANIMAL, NOT ANIMALS PLURAL...WE FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS...YET the people that did NOT follow directions still WON!!!!
 Here I am screaming out, OBEDIANCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE!!!!
Buuuuut alas Bro. Andrew and the judges didn't care!!! LOL
 Next morning at breakfast there were serving some BOMB Banana bread!!! I was like, YOU GUYS this bread is sooooooooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!!! Annnnnnnnnd I didn't even make it either!!!!
Then I realized that the shirt I was wearing was superrrrr ugly so I went and changed!!!
The three Amigos...Who I hung out with most of the week...Stultz and Joe Momma!!!
Here is Bro. Sergio in his white suit...Looking good SERG!!!  
We had archery that day annnnnnnnnnd I still got what it takes...BULLS EYE!!! Whoop! Whoop!!! You know why I got good aim??? Weight lifting...Ooooo YEAH!!!
 JoE Momma working...Mexican men know how to WORK!!!!
A bunch of us just hanging out, goofing off and having FUNNNNN...Somehow I had JUST MISSED THE WATER FIGHT...NOOOOOOO....WAAAAAAH...on the brighter side tho, at least NO ONE could blame ME for starting it!!!
This was dinner...AWESOME Country fricd chicken with an awesome homemade roll annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd coconut cream pie to die for...YUMMMMMM!!!! 
Next day here are some of my buds, Ryan and Devon Smith...they ARE SINGLE LADIES...jus look for an excuse to go to Roswell... I personally suggest going to see THE ALIEN MUSEUM...BAHAHAHAHA...Oh and Stultz and Joe momma...
The Laroes lil girl...I was like that is sooooooo MY FUTURE Daugter with a huge flower in her hair like that!!!! 
Okaaaaaaaaaay soooo this was THE BEST MEAL of the camp a brisket sandwhich on this AMAZING, butter toasted roll...I put red onion, Jalepenos and bbq sauce on mine...IT WAS LIKE WOW!!! Seriousley, this was THE BEST MEAL SERVED!!!! No one could shut up about it!!!! Especially NOT ME!!! This was like a better sandwhich then famous daves or Texas roadhouse!!! NO LIE!!!!
After lunch was the ping pong tournament and roller skating in the gym... 
The ping pong tournament ended up going through after church that night and Devon Smith was the winner!!!  
 Diego trying to show off and INSTEAD BIFFING!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Annnnnnnnd the guys that couldn't roller skate DARED each other to walk across this ledge 
Stultz made it!!!
Waiting in line for dinner...
 Here they are, my two brothas, Stultz and Joe momma!!! True Apostolic Warriors and men of God that I'm blessed to  be able to call my FRIENDS!!!
 Whats camp with out a selfie???
Awwww I like this pic...that's my future hubby right there...he thinks he's a grizzly buuuuut everyone knows he's just a soft teddy bear looking for Mar Bear, his HONEY Bear.... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
One of the many nieces of the Velez kids that I rocked to sleep during prayer, her last words to me were that she was NOT going to go to sleep cuz it was THE LAST DAY of camp...the she zonked out!!! LOLOL 
The speakers this year were Elder and younger Bro. Browns!!! They did a AWESOME job!!! The message that stood out to me the most was Elder Bro. Brown's about spirits and how they can get a hold of us and we need to have right spirit and stuff...okaaaaaaay he said it better than me...GET THE CD!!! LOL 
Awwwww Stultz, he ended up sitting with the Karlson girls both ways too and from camp!!! Definatley showed his patient side!!! Then Kenzie decided that she was just done with him and his niceness and told him to leave their seat...and lil baby Lucy was just lookin at him like, NOOOOOO you fix my blanket, give me drinks and put food in my mouth...STAY!!!
Here is our whole group from Scottsdale the last night...
The last night, my legs were soooooooooo tired from all the walking, climbing etc I was thinkin like, IF we have a shouting service there is NO WAY I am going to be able to jump, buuuuuuuut man you feel Jesus and you just get energy, let me tell you people!!! I think the thing that really stood out to me the most at this camp was going up to the alter calls after the preaching and walking up not particularley feeling anything, just knowing that I wanted to pray and then BAM, the spirit of God would move and you could just feel God's presence sweeping over you!!! It was soooooooooo AWESOME!!! Nothing like being able to TOUCH THE LORD!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)