Thursday, June 26, 2014

My FIRST EVERR Pacific Coast Camp!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooooooo are you all ready for this??? Pacific Coast Camp 2014...My FIRST time everrrrrr!!! I have NO idea where to even start off!!! I guess the first thing that I realized is that NEXT year I will NOT be starting camp off with ONLY an 1.5 of sleep...that was a DUMB move Mar Bear!!! Next, I'm bringing a chair next year!!! Next...thing lets talk about the camp speakers!!!
We had to AWESOME speakers this year! Bro. Hood in the evening and Bro. Baglin during the day!!! First night Bro. Hood preached a message called, "Take it home with you!" in the middle of his message he said something that sooooo cracked me up!!! He said, Eating, its practically THE ONLY thing Apostolics DON'T preach against!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Bro. Baglin, preached great messages to and he kept us all entertained and awake through it all with his crazy stories and jokes!!! The first morning he preached he said, "Well, last night you got THE HOOD and today your going to get THE TRUNK!" BAHAHAHA!!!
MY personal favorite message that was preached at the camp was Bro. Hood's, It don't get any better than this! That is soooooooooo TRUE!!! It doesn't matter where your at or where your going through, LIVING FOR GOD IS THE BEST LIFE EVERRR!!! It don't get any better than THAT!!!
Here are group of us, Stultz, Matt, Liz, Denae and Ashlyn... waiting in line that FIRST day...waiting in anticipation too see JUST how bad the camp food REALLY is!!!
I have to PERSONALLY say that it really wasn't bad at all...I mean have had some REALLY NASTY camp food before, ya know, like with bugs and when you turn your tray upside down the food still sticks to it...bahaha...this wasn't waaaaaaaay better...I mean don't get me wrong...its NOT like the Ginty's were cooking...buuuut YA KNOW!!! ;)))
Story Time with Mar Bear!!!!
I entertained our group the first night by telling them THIS STORY!!! (Read it HERE) AHAHAHA Next conference I'm bringing a tip jar for story time!!!! Heh, heh!!! ;) 
Me and lil Miss Denae...
wish she was here MORE sooooo we could hang out together!!! Heeeeeeeey you guys, Denae has about 20 MORE CDs that she needs to sell before this last album is paid off...then once she pays this one off she can start a NEW album!!! Lets all help her out and start buying some CDS!!! They are ONLY $10!!!! Email her to make a purchase ONLY at
Crystal and I
my counselor partner!!! Glad to actually get to hang out with her more than saying hi and briefly hugging at conferences!!!
So we're all standing in the lunch line PRETENDING that I'm a strict counselor yelling at the campers...
 Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo I HAVE tell you all this story!!! Sooooo Tuesday night Bro. Marchbanks walked up to me and says,  that his girls were reading about me in the Bible the other day... I'm like OH REALLY??? Thinkin he was going to say something about the mother of Jesus...LOL...He says, yeah, that part that says,
I was like Ooooooooooo THAT WAS GOOD!!! Annnnnd then everyone in unison says,
I went to watch the kids play soft was sooooooo HOT AND BORING!!! I'm just NOT one of those girls that can sit there and just WATCH a ball game...doesn't matter how cute of guys there are playing!!!
Buuuuuuuuuut I got some good socializing in!!! 
 Bethany did my hair, it was sooooo cuuuuuute I was like dying to have one of these dramatic braid-dos done in my hair...I told Bethany I to make mine REALLY dramatic...She did!!!
It was sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL I didn't even wear a hair accessory that night...which is pretty much UNHEARD of in my world!!! Anywayz, I NOW call this...
Jen Connell sang AMAZINGLY...I  honestly had NO idea one of my best friends was sooooooo TALENTED!!! I mean I knew she could SING...buuuuut I didn't know she could SAAAAAAANG!!!! It was soooo good the lady on the front row that was videoing the service even PUT HER iPAD down and stood up to worship...THATS HOW GOOD IT WAS!!!  
I have to give a shout out on her to the PCC choir!!! (Everyone kept asking me if I was going to be in the choir, I said NOOOOO!!! First of all, I wasn't a camper and second of all, I DON'T DO RISERS, EVERRRRR... WHY???? Cuz I'm MARY!!! Do we need to ask any more question???) They did an AMAZING JOB!!! And behind an amazing Choir there HAS to be an amazing director annnnd from what I can concur that was Sis. Brittany Hyler!!! Great songs were picked and the singing was anointed!!!  I mean, this mass choir was HUGE and NOT only was youth but the kids as well!!! To be able to teach all that and not have total and complete chaos takes extreme organization and good leadership skills...soooo GOOD JOB SISTA!!!
Anali, just letting EVERYONE know at the 18-25, Ice cream social APPRECATION that she was TAKEN!!!  
Sorry buuuuuuuuuut I can't ACTUALLY give you all an account of the Ice Cream social because I didn't go...AND everyone kept asking me WHY, I'm like, Okaaaaaaaaaaay i'm a COUNSELOR!!! They said I was THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR NOT THE CREEPY COUNSELOR!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuut from what I gathered from everyone else that went to it was summed up in ONE WORD... AWKWARD!!! LOLOL Of course in that case I may have just fit right in since I was told at dinner one night that AWKWARD is my middle name!!! TRUE STORY PEOPLE!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay this story is superrrr funnnnny too!!! So dinner Friday night Liz b. AND I got our food and were looking around the cafeteria for where we should sit and I saw a group of our guy friends so i'm like, Oh look, there are the guys lets go sit with them. So as we sit down they are in the middle of this BIG O discussion about the will of God in Marriage and finding the right one and the will of God and THE PERFECT will of God and lean in just whisper to Liz, okaaaaay this was a REALLY awkward conversation to sit down too!!!
 So Liz and I are laughing together and the guys are just going on about the will of God in marriage, then there is a lull in the convo and one of the guys say, SO MARY, whats your oppinon on this matter? I'm like, ummm, UH...cuz I mean I have A LOT to say buuuuuuuut in the cafeteria over FRITO BOATS??? So I'm weeeeeelllll ACTUALLY I was thinking that was a REALLY AWKWARD CONVO to walk into!!! Which made them all laugh...then of the guys says, Yeah but, AWKWARD IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME!!!
Buuuuuut just in case anyone REALLY does want to know my My perspective on the will of God concerning future mates... THIS right HERE!!!  Is what I THINK!!! Bwahahahaahha!!!
Here all of us girls are superrrrr HYPERRR after the social...we were bouncing off the walls basically!!!
She has a CD people!!!  They are ONLY $10!!!! Email her to make a purchase ONLY at
AWWWWWWWW I got to see my good FRIENDERRRS Marvin and Nicole together!!! They are soooooooooooo IN LOOOOOOVE it just makes me say AWWWWW!!! I told you all that Marvin is a previous Apostolic Male Model right??? We changed it to Apostolic Warrior now and that DEFINATLEY fits Marvin...I like to think that I was in some way involved with their love story buuuuuut I really wasn't!!! LOL 
I am little bummmmmed tho that Marvin didn't bring me any of his famous pizza to try from his shop BUUUUUUUT I guess i'll forgive him since he has always been a good friend to me since I met him annnnnnnd God has used him in other far greater ways in my life soooo YEAH...we'll let the Pizza thing go Marv!!! LOL Btw: you should update your blog!!!
People picked up my phone and took random pics at breakfast...Looks like younger Bro. Kifle needs some COFFEE!!! Unfortunately his big sis probabley drank it all!!! BAHAHAHA!! 
Wait, I just realized this, CAMPERS TOUCHED MY PHONE to take these pics...Oooooo that's BREAKIN THE RULES!!!!  
Me and Sis. Kelly!!!
The head counselor...The lady does and AMAZING JOB!!! SHE is and awesome woman of God!!!
She got to share her first Mary Moment with me at lunch one day...see she was talking to me about dogs and like, I got distracted with my nachos and yeah...I really wasn't bored I just started thinking about the fact that my nachos were gonna get she's like I guess I'm boring you and they were like, Don't you like animals? And Like I mean, I do...buuuuuut like at the same time, they're not really MY THING...sooooo Im just like weeeeelllll I like STUFFED ANIMALS!!! They were all laughing soooo hard!!! I'm like WHAAAAT???? I DO!!!! I LOVE STUFFED ANIMALS!!!
Me and two of my angelic campers...Miss Sierra morning, after like three hours of sleep I was up and like laughing HYSTERICALLY over Everything AND Sierra, just looks at me shaking her head and says, It is waaaaaaaaaay to early to be THIS HYPERRRR!!!!
Heeeeeeeey did I tell you all  She has a CD people!!!  They are ONLY $10!!!! Email her to make a purchase ONLY at
Some of my girls I was counselor for...I had a good group!!! Love you all!!! :))) 
OMW okaaaaaaaaaay sooooo Stephanie Marchbanks is like HILARIOUS!!! She had me HYSTERICAL like all the time!!! The main that is soooo funny is just her commentary!!!  
Sooooo Friday, I'm taking a nap and as I'm laying there I'm wondering HOW in the world did I manage to end up with one of the dorm trash cans at the foot of my bed??? It just reminded me of the Adventures in Odyssey episode where the Rathbones have to stay above the dumpsters in Hawaii and Mary Barclay is like OH Im' soooo sorry an Doris says, WHY it feels like HOME!!!
That's what I was thinkin laying there...Oh weeeeeeellll...FEELS LIKE HOME!!! Annnnnnd I drifted off into dream land!!!
 Weeeeelllll here they are, the FAMOUS Newman sisters...doing HAIR!!!
 Me and Miss Karoline!!!
Karoline is a great girl from Bro. Whites church in Burbank!!! We got to hang out and sat together in church...sooooooooo we've met and we are OFFICIALLY FREINDS NOW GIRRRRRL!!!! This means that you now longer have to just take stalkerish pics of me from balconies....BAHAHAHA...that soooo cracked me up!!!  
Angel, look at her all happy and excited about the camper of the year...Ooooo girrrrrl!!!! ;)))
Me and Miss Shawney!!!
Just gotta LOOOOOVE HER!!! Loooook at her in this pic lookin all goooooood and matching me!!!  
Me and Kendra...with baby Simon!!!
Awwww he is sooooooooo ADORABLE!!!! The pic was supposed to include Courtney but Brendan some how missed his sister...I kinda personally think it was ON PURPOSE!!!
Me and SistA Courtney...
\we FINALLY met live and in person!!!!  
I was also happy to see Steven from there but NO PICS...No pics with Erin either...No pics with Jenny either or Sophia that was always with the Marchbanks or that sign language interpreter chick OR a lot of people...SORRRRRRY PEEPS!!!
Me and Eliana!!! We FINALLY got actually hang out beyond just hugging and saying hi at conferences...she got to YA KNOW, experience my Maryness first hand in the dorm...LOL 
Me and all my FRIENDERRRRS!!!! Wearing blue...we were supposed to LOOK BLUE to buuuuut now one could ACTUALLY manage a sad face! LOL 
Looooooooverrrrs my Hanna Bannana!!!
All three of us annnnnnd sooooome photo bombers!!! LOL
Saying our good byes before Hanna Jen and Anali LEFT!!! Waaaaaah!!!  
Lashonne...this girl just cracked me UP...I got your back counselor...I got your back!!!
Little Miss Trinity...
This girl is SOOOOO SWEET!!!!  
 Me and Jackie and SHANIQUA!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay soooo funniest story about the first time me and Shaniqua met....sooooo it was at a Youth Alive that we first met and you have to  understand that we were both soooo HYPERRRR!!! Soooo she is like making me laugh soooo hard and then I ask her, her name and she says, SHANIQUA and I was like WHATEVERRRRR!!! She's like IT IS!!! I was like, SHUT UP!!! Annnnnd we're like laughing sooooo hard....the WHOLE time I just thought she was messin with me...LONG STORY short two years later at WCC Hanna tells me there is this girl name Shaniqua this is really good at doing their kind of hair...I'm like OMW...soooooo that's REALLY HER NAME??? Hanna's like, Yeah WHY??? I'm like, CUZ she told me her name and I told her to SHUT UP!!!! Hanna's like MARY!!! I'm like Ooooops!!! Anywayz, I love that girl hope we can hang out more and I forgot to her number and email so if her or any of her friends are reading this EMAIL ME!!!   
Mr. Aaron!!!
He things he is Spider Man!!! LOL Just ask him to tell you the time...he has really SNAZZY watch...HA!
One last breakfast together just HANGING out before good byes!!!
Oooooo OK soooooo I got to meet the famous Mr. Ace Friday night...I was snorting within two minutes of meeting him!!! True story peeps!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  
Ace is the one standing backwards...kinda looks like Waldo wearing the wrong color strips!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Me, Marissa and Stultz, our last moments of hanging out TOGETHER!!!  
Bro. Trevino kept talking all week about these great deals they were having on them buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I personally think that MY COUNSELOR FOLDER as a year book was THE BEST DEAL EVERRRRR!!!!  
I looooove it!!!! Its like totally my treasured souvenir!!! I forgot to get out of the church van and Sunday night I was like to Seth and Alyssa, WHATEVER you do, when you guys clean out the van DO NO THROW OUT MY FOLDER!!! They're like ok whateverrr...I'm like FOR REALZ... I got some LOVE NOTES IN THERE YA KNOW!!! Pastor walks up behind and is like, OH REALLY??? Do I need to be reading through your yearbook???" I'm like, Just kidding, JUUUUUUST KIDDIN!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
Annnnnnnnnnd here I am with MY GIRLS!!! Special thanks to THE KINDREDS for taking me into their circle of friendship!!! I love you all soooo much and I thank God that he led me to LIKE MINDED PEOPLE!!!!  
And Special thanks to My pastor, Bro. Abbott for taking off early from work and buying a motorhome so they could take me and Jonathan to this camp and also to Seth and Alyssa for taking us back home!!! We both appreciate the effort you put out for us!!! Purrrrrrrrr!!!!
ALL in all, 
What an AWESOME time we had there!!!
 NOW IF YOU ever want to go somewhere to make like a MILLION new friends, this camp is SOOOO the camp for you!!! I went there only knowing a handful, okaaaaay maybe it was a LARGE Mary size handful of people and by the end of the week I felt like I was friends with the whole entire girls dorm!!! Staying  in a large cement room with 200 other people you can't NOT make least I cant!!! LOLOL It was sooooooooooo much FUNNNNN!!!!
 ♥Mary Frances :)