Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Well that was awkward

Soooooooo the girls staying the section right next to me at PCC were really good hair stylists or whatever you call it and they were always helping out and doing other girls hair and they were like really amazing and could do these like SUPER fancy hair dos!!!
Weeeeeeeeeellllll one of the mornings I see one of my friends that was staying in one of the sections in the back of the dorm sitting in a chair with the fancy hair stylist girls. Sooooooooo I'm like, Oooooo girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl.... gonna get your hair done ALL FANCY for church this morning?!?!
She is just silent for a moment and then is like, ACTUALLY, I just got done DOING my hair!!!!
I was like, OH!!! Ooooops!!! Im like, OH well I didn't mean like that it doesn't LOOK like its done, I mean I really didn't even look at your, I just assumed cuz you were sitting in the chair...
♥Mary Frances :)