Monday, September 1, 2014



Full van this morning for Friends and Family Sunday!!!! We are ready to get our praise on and have churrrrrrch!!!! We literally PACKED out the church van and I actually had to turn people away...WE NEED A BIGGER BUS!!!
Here  I am, Auntie GrandMary with lil Ciatta!!! Did I tell you guys that she can already purrrr?!? Its sooooo cuuuute seeing her already starting to imitate in church, clapping her hands and raising her lil arm and waving in for Jesus!!! Jestina was like, I see my daughter is copying you!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

Bro. Lacour's church joined us today and Bro. Bray came with them!!!! It was such a powerful service with such an awesome move of God!!!!

When Bro. Bray got up it was so funny, buuuuut soooo true what he said about Bro. Lacour! He was saying that it had been soooo good to be with the Lacour's church, In Cave Creek, off of Dynamite road, then he said, but I THINK WE ALL KNOW that Bro. Lacour is the Dynamite on Dynamite road! AHAHAHAHA!!! That's TRUTH right there people!!! LOL
There were so many people at the alter praying, it was like this overwhelming, BUUUUT AWESOME feeling of, WHO SHOULD I PRAY WITH!?! I would start to pray with one person and then see someone else praying and want to go over to them too!!!
For the first time, these boys really started praying at the alter and seeking God for the Holy Ghost!!! They were telling me afterwards that they want to start coming on Sundays!
Me and baby William!!!
Eating watermelon...This was a pic I jus couldn't resist taking...
all my kids were like FREAKING out about WATERMELON!!! Hee, hee!!!

Afterwards, everyone FEASTED on food from JOHN'S ITALIAN KITCHEN!!! My lil brother just opened his own take and bake catering business if you all wanna check it out HERE!!!
This is me with Sis. Abbott's beautiful lil niece Ariana!!! She is such a sweet little girl!!!

This lady in this pic below is Sis. Ann...She is a Pentecostal lady from Kenya that has been in the U.S. for  a year now looking for a Pentecostal church to go to. She has been praying about it...we didn't know NOTHING about this...
last week she found our church online, ON HER OWN ACCORD, she took a taxi to our church...after we all got to talking to her, it turns out that she is living SIX MINUTES FROM OUR CHURCH!!! You can't tell me, THATS NOT GOD!!! God brought her to our church!!!

This right here is one of the boys that has been coming on Wednesday nights Mom!!! They aren't from the main area that we get kids, so I knew last night that we wouldn't have room for him in the van so my sis was going to get him but when she got there his mom and lil brother wanted to come to, and she got soooo touched at the alter annnnnd someone talked to her and she is wanting a Bible study!!! There was another couple to that were requesting a Bible study...THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Last BUUUUUT not least, these two kids right here, Eli and Audrey are my personal trainer's kids
Annnnnnd I know that my personal trainer IS going to start going to a Pentecostal church!!! I'm like, really, you that there is NO WAY God just brought us together, sooooo that I can LOOK GOOD...Heee, hee!!! Anywayz, her kids, LOVED the service!!! Audrey was praying so good at the alter call. I was praying with the boys and then Sis. Alyssa went over and asked her if she wanted to pray and I'm SO GLAD that she did cuz I didn't even know who to pray with...Audrey was so touched she was starting to cry, after wards I was talking to her, I asked her if she felt God? She said, Yes, then she says, you know I was thinking, maybe I could come to church with you EVERY SUNDAY!!!
I was like, SURE!!! I mean, I don't care if we're driving to GLENDALE to pick up people for SCOTTSDALE!!! We'll DO IT!!! The other kids were asking too...You guys, these kids are asking to come to CHURH!! This was NOT kids church, it was CHURRRRRCH!! No kids classes, no puppet shows...JUST THE PRESENCE OF GOD!!!
All in all today was AN AWESOME DAY!!! We had like 30 visitors, NOT counting anyone from Bro. Lacour's church or The Brays!!!! Buuuuuut you know what made me SUPPPERRRR excited about this???? I would say MORE THAN HALF of our visitors were CHOCOLATE!!! These were not just the people that I brought, they are coming in from amongst all over, there was a beautiful you lady that walked in during the preaching today, she went up at alter call and prayed sooooo good then she left right after church and know one even got a chance to talk to her....everyone just assumed she was with me cuz she was ya know CHOCOLATE...I was like, No I don't know her!!! LOL
Soooo anyways more than half our visitors were chocolate AND I just LOVE seeing Chocolate people in my church... Annnnnnd YOU ALL KNOW, HOW I LOOOOOOOOVE CHOCOLATE PEOPLE!!! Annnnnnnnnnd if you think i'm WEIRD for saying that, that's OK...BECAUSE I AM!!!  Liiiiiiiiiiike Duh!!! (Purrrrrrr)  Not to say that I don't love NON-Chocolate people...anyone that knows me, KNOWS that I LOVE EVERYONE...Buuuuut like chocolate...I can't explain it...its like there is this magnet in my heart that  just draws me even more to them...REMEMBER....I'm WEIRD!!! ;))) Buuuuuuuuut I can't help it, God put A LOVE IN ME that I just can't explain that's been there with me since I was just a lil four-year-old girl...People thought it was just a phase that eventually I would grow out of...buuuuuuuuuut here we are, 27 years later and YOU KNOW WHAT...I've NEVERRR grown out of it!!! its NEVERRRR LEFT!!!! Because GOD PUT THAT IN ME!!! Annnnd when God puts something in you, IT NEVER LEAVES YOU...its THERE TO STAY!!!
Anywayz, to make the LONG STORY SHORT...
God is doing GREAT THINGS in Scottsdale!!! We are having REVIVAL and I can't wait to see what God does next!!! PURRRR!
♥Mary Frances!!! :))))