Saturday, August 23, 2014

End of the week THANKFULNESS!!!

 Weeeeeeeeeeeeeellll folks, its BACK, end of the week THANKFULNESS!!!
I wanna thank God for FREE COFFEE from Dutch Brothers! I went there today to get one and he chick told me, THIS ONE IS ON US!!! I was like, REALLY??? She was like, YES!!! I was like, SWEEEEEEET!!!! ANNNND THANK YOU!!! Then, when I got up front they gave me my FREE drink and the dude was like, do you have a punch card? I was like yes, and he took it and stamped it THE REST of the way...sooooooooo NOW I can ANOTHER FREE COFFEE!!!
I'm thankful that at 31 years old I still get to have FUNNNNN!!! Yesturday I took my niece and some of her lil friends to the Play Factory in Desert Ridge. You guys should of seen me, I was like ALL OVER the place jumping and climbing and sliding...the kids were HYSTERICAL laughing at me...We had a blast!!!  
I'm thankful for my new cute travel cup...I would LOVE a purse or shoes that design!!! 
I'm thankful that I got to do one of my favorite things this week, sitting on the front portch in my rockin chair, drinkin hot coffee and watching the rain...I LOVE THAT!!! 
I'm thankful for this lil BREAK in the weather this week!!! Totally enjoyed the cooler weather this rain bought!!!  
I'm also THANKFUL to Kevin Duncan, my web designer, for changing my background for me....YES, I LOOOOOVE it...sorry I forgot to text you back!!! LOL
I'm thankful I lost 6.5 pounds this week...Partaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
That's it for this week!!!
♥Mary Frances :)