Thursday, August 21, 2014


Today I want to talk to you all about Size-ist!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Perhaps your wondering WHAT SIZEIST even is??? Sizeist is DESCRIMATION against SIZES!!! This is something I've had to deal with MY WHOLE LIFE...For example, you know those CUTE little play high heels that lil girls always want to wear to play dress up in???

You know why??? Cuz I was wearing a ladies size 8 shoe in SECOND GRADE!!! They didn't make PLAY shoes my size...SIZEIST PEOPLE...SIZEIST!!!!
Oooooo annnnnd lets NOT even talk about doll strollers...I TOWERED over them!!! LOL

Sizeist EVEN still today, its everywhere!!! Take JUSTICE for instance... CUTEST clothes IN THE WORLD...buuuuuut FOR LITTLE GIRLS!!! Sooooo NOT FAIR!!!

Loooooook at this ADORABLE SHIRT...MJ got this it has lil sprinkles all over the icecream...I would looooooooooooooove to have this shirt...
buuuuuuuuuut NOOOOOO that will neverrrrr happen because of SIZEISM!!! I was like tellin my sis, WHY can't they make these shirts in MY SIZE, don't they know that there are ADULT WOMAN like me that would SOOOOOOO BUY them!!! My sis was like, ACTUALLY, people LIKE YOU are very far and few in between!!! (Actually, i'm pretty sure there is NO ONE like me buuuuut yeah...LOL)
I want this shirt TOO!!!
Oooooo I just LOOOOVE the CUTENESSSS of these!!! At least I got my HELLO KITTY t-shirt tho...See, THATS WHY Hello Kitty is sooooooooo AWESOME...She isn't SIZEIST!!! (Or racist either...she loves CHOCOCAT!!! Hee, hee;)
 Ooooooo annnnd WHAT kind of tshirts are they selling for THE FLUFFY GIRLS??? Skulls, roses with chicken wire...which is just soooo Unfeminine and just EWW... annnnnnnnnnnnnd...
No clue, WHY a fluffy girl would be wearing HER...its like ummmm HELLOOOOO...sooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT HAPPENING!!! Try, Little Miss Fluffy OR Marshmallow chic...buuuuuuuuuuut NOT Marylyn Monroe!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
CONTACT Justice HERE and let them know that you think it is sooooooo WRONG that they are sizeist!!!! Let them know that you feel it is only right that they would start selling their clothes in ladies size 2X!!!
Oooooo and tell them MARY from CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS sent you!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)