Friday, August 15, 2014


Soooooooo Hanna and Anali were here in July they got here right before Heritage...I made them my mom's twice-baked potatos for dinner...Hanna's been thinkin about them since she came out two years said she hopes they were as good as she remembered them to be...LOL...than we stayed up LAAAATE talking...we got up early, I made biscuts and gravy...They really like them and THEN I left them with my sis cuz I left with Sis. Abbott to pick up kids for VBS...
THEN I met them at the church for VBS...
Anywayz they got to experience the amazing chaos of LPC was pretty AWESOME!!! LOL
THEN After THAT WE left for Heritage that very day at like 2!
Joe and Anali departing at Cracker Barrell, it was actually quite sad, I was watching Joe as he finished his was like you could visibly see him getting sadder and sadder...I dnt even think he finished his whole meal, Which says  A LOT, cuz usually he finishes HIS AND ANALI'S!!!
I'm like awwwww sooooooo sad...buuuuuuuuuuuut AT THE SAME TIME SOOOOO HAPPY FOR THEM!!! I did soooooooooo good introducing these two to each other...Good job Mar bear, GOOD JOB!!!
Me and Hanna Bananna at Cracker Barrell,....I have to say we look pretty good for traveling ALL DAY!!!
The last two days after Heritage were MY FAVORITE with the girls. Just chillin in the pool for HOURS, eatin my food I made, Mar Bear tacos, lemon lush and people telling me what a good cook I am, which is what I LIVE FOR., lotsa coffee runs to Starbucks and Dutch Brothers,
Anali got more Carmelli, Hanna got more Chocolatey, ANNNNND her hair GOT THE WAAAAY I LOOOOOOVE IT.... CURLY!!!
 Me you know, I just stayed Vanilla, I cover myself in sunblock because ya know, i'm not into getting cancer OR wrinkles...jus sayin for all you white chicks that are into getting TANS...your RUININ YOUR SKIN!!!
Monday night a group of us met at Grimaldis for dinner, Hanna, Anali, Jayne, Faith, T, MJ, ME, Stultz and Tommy...We had FUNNNNNNN!!!
Hanging out in Old Town Scottsdale, trying to decide where to go for dessert... 
Me and my Anali-Bananali!!! 
Took them to Last Chance their last day, THEY LOVED IT!!! 
 Actually, I decided that I love it now too!!! Its been years since I've been there and I had GREAT success this time!!! Actually, my whole world changed that Monday night when Jayne met us at my house and drove us over to Old Town, she took us on the 51 and got off at Camelback annnnnnd I had NO IDEA that that takes you to Last Chance, then there is the Cheeskcake factory, the Biltmore, Scottsdale Fashion Square and OLD TOWN SCOTTSDALE...My world has CHANGED!!!
Hanna's reaction on Tuesday when she saw the temp outside was 117
She was like, NO WAAAAAY!!! I MADE IT THROUGH 117 DEGREE WEATHER!!! Totally freakin was HILARIOUS!!! Soooo we got our Dutch Brothers, get back and bring them to the airport...
 We are driving away and my phone rings...its HANNA...Guess what she forgot???
I think i'm rubbing off on her!!! LOL Sooooooooo we head back to the house annnnd YAY its on the kitchen table...Altho I wouldn't have minded her having to stay longer...JUS SAYIN!!!
Then after all that I got back to my room and saw that these gummy worms had gotten left behind...I was like, YES, JACKPOT!!! Thanks Mikey!!! :)))
All in all it was a FUNNNNNN time!!! Can't wait till NEXT TIME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Don't worry, I'm still gonna blog about my trip to the bay in May, that's gonna take like a week to do it was sooooooooooooo MUCH FUNNNN!!!