Friday, August 1, 2014

Prayer request!!!

 If everyone could PULEEEEEEZE help me pray!!! The Abbotts are currently evangelizing at the Miller's church in Fargo North Dakota, which is where Esther, my chocolate baby lives! Remember Esther from my story TEARS??? Almost two years ago now she moved to North Dakota, just recently she has been talking to me about getting back in church...weeeeeeeeeeellll when we did the turns out that she ONLY LIVES FIVE MINUTES away from a Pentecostal church...YOU CAN NOT TELL ME THAT, THAT ISN'T GOD!!!
Weeeeeellll anyway, remember how Esther had a son named Phletcher, my GRANDSON,
which makes me GRANDMary!!! Hee, hee!!!
Weeeeelll he just turned two and tonight the Abbotts picked him up for church,
Isn't he ADORABLE?!?! 
Anywayz, THE REALLY good news is that on Sunday, Esther is going with the Abbotts to church and so is her mom annnnnnnnnd Denae said that there are about five other people that said they want to come as well!!! I am sooooooo excited about this!!! Its soooooo amazing to me that what started with the African people at our church here in AZ is being continued on with the Abbotts...CLEAR ACROSS the country!!! God is soooooooo AWESOME!!!!
 I talked to Esther tonight and she said that she is really hoping to pray through on Sunday!!! I told her, YOU ARE GOING TOO!!! If your reading this right now Esther, YOUR GOING TO PRAY THROUGH...ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! In JESUS NAME!!! I told her that I was going to tell EVERYONE TO BE PRAYING FOR HER!!! Annnnnnd that's what I am asking  you all, to PRAY FOR ESTHER and her son!!!
♥Mary Frances :)