Tuesday, September 9, 2014

God is just COOL like that!!!!!!

Soooooooo a few weeks ago our church was having a back to school youth rally at our church. The Sunday before the rally, when our pastor got up to preach, he briefly mentioned that if anyone wanted to give in the offering for that youth rally coming up it would be appreciated. That's ALL HE SAID!!! My first thought was, WEEEEEEEELLLL...I don't got anything extra...Sorry God! Okaaaaaaaaaaay i'm just being HONEST those were my thoughts...then I had a brief after thought of...buuuut if you give me something extra i'll give it...buuuuut you don't have to...its up to you!!!
Whateverrrr....going on with my day not giving it a second thought!!! Well Monday or Tuesday of that week MJ was helping me move stuff out of my room because we were getting new carpet in the rooms. Well one of the things she moved off of my bookshelf was a little box that my Coach id case that my sis had gotten me the year before for Christmas came it! I was like, oh its such a cute little box but I don't even know why I kept it...the ID is loooooooooong gone since then...as an after thought I flip it open there is a wad of....DRUM ROLL...puleeeeeze....Barummp...ta-dunt-da...
I was like, Oooooo JACKPOT!!! And God was like, YES, JACKPOT!!! I was like, Ooooo that's RIGHT...OFFERING!!!  I was just like WOW God!!! You really wanted to me to give in that offering didn't you!!! It was only like $70ish dollars...buuuut STILL...God is just SOOOOOOO COOL LIKE THAT!!! I mean I honestly have no idea what I had put that money aside for over a year ago...I'm known to put money aside and then forget about it or just assume that I spent it!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut YOU KNOW, who knows, MAYBE I didn't put the money aside??? For all I know, God could have just put that money in there for me to give...HE CAN DO THAT YOU KNOW!!! Sometimes you think that you don't have anything to give but God has a stash that you don't even know about!!! Later on in the week two other people in our church testified to me as well that when Pastor first mentioned the offering they did not plan to give but later on in the day or in the week God delt with them and they ended up giving...Isn't that soooooo COOL????
God is just AWESOME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)