Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy National...

White Chocolate Day!!!
I can't believe they made a WHOLE day in HONOR OF...
First they named a restaurant after me, THE WHITE CHOCOLATE GRILL, annnnnnnnnd NOW they made a WHOLE DAY for me!!! JUUUUUUUUUST FOR ME!!! HAHAHA!!! I heard that this morning on Family Life Radio annnnnnnnd they said that there is REALLY NO SUCH thing as WHITE CHOCOLATE...I was like, okaaaaaaaaay APARENTLY Peter and Shannon from the Family Life Radio have NEVERRRR MET ME!!! Cuz if they had they would know that THERE REALLY IS such a thing as
♥Mary Frances :)
Everyone eat some WHITE CHOCOLATE in honor of ME!!! Since i'm on a diet and can't have any!!! WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!