Monday, November 24, 2014

Holy Ghost Partaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

Every year our church does what we call the Holy Ghost party! Its a Harvest Festival where the kids can come dressed up as Bible Characters!!!
I was VERY HYPERRRRR!!! When Tommy turned on the black gospel, "Living he Loved me!" in the church van I like SCREAMED SOOOOOOO LOUD!!! Tommy was like HYSTERICAL laughing!!!

Supppperrrrr funnnnnny story about this girl Maggie!!!
Sooooooo like, I plop down next to this girl and she is all like, WHOOOOOOAAAH...Like you know cuz I'm fluffy...buuuuuuuuuuut she is totally chubby herself!!! Sooooo I just grin and her and say, I know right!?!? Kinda like when YOU SIT DOWN HUH?!?! You should seen her she was like with her jaw dropped!!! I was like, laughin soooooooooo HARD!!! I'm all, Eh, you throw that at ME and i'll PASS IT RIGHT BACK AT YA!!!!

This kid was making the van smell...soooooo I was like yelling at him, He's like, ITS JUST BECAUSE I"M BLACK HUH?!?! Pick on the BLACK BOY MARY!!! That's soooooo racist!!! I'm like, DUUUUUDE WHATEVERRRR!!! Every boy in here is BLACK besides Tommy!!! LOLOL They're soooo HILARIOUS!!!

The Balloon stomp!!! This is an LPC favorite!!!
It gets pretty INTESE!!!
Like a war zone...
My kids were screaming, AFRICA!!! AFRICA!!! AFRICA!!!
Little Alyssa came as Ruth and won the custume contest!! She looked sooooo CUTE!!!
Kids getting ready for the puppet show...Glow in the dark!!!

Kids choir!!!
Denae led!!!
Awwwwwwwwwww CHOCOLATE BABIES!!!

The Candy rain was INSANE!!! Seriously!!! A COMPLETE WAR ZONE!!!
You know the kids can be soooooo bad, buuuut on the way home the boys were telling me, TONIGHT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUNNNN!!! I'm glad that they can know of a place and time in their life where fun was good and clean and without all the hype and blair!!!
Sooooooooo then on the way back me and Tommy were having all this trouble getting one of the boys back home, no one was answering the door to his house so we take him to his aunts she says no take him to his mom! We're like, she isn't home!!! She's like yes she is! She's like yelling out her door she IS HOME!!! Take him there!!! So we take him back, he's like knocking on the door for like 5 minutes, NO ANSWER!!!
All of the sudden my phone rings, its his aunt and now she is sweetly telling me that he is supposed to come to her apartment!!! I'm like WHAT IN THE WORLD???? I'm like duuuuuuuuuuude Tommy,
I LOOOOOOVE these people buuuuut you know what,

We laughed about that til he dropped me back to my car!!!!
I really do LOOOOOOVE them tho!!!
♥Mary Frances :)