Monday, November 17, 2014

Inside scoop of the ladies room at WCC!!!

Guys, do you ever wonder WHY the ladies room ALWAYS has a line??? ALWAYS!!! Let me give you THE INSIDE SCOOP OF WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THERE!!! It has NOTHING to do with the ACTUAL USE OF THE BATHROOM!!! One word sums it up...
At almost ANY GIVEN TIME, you can find girls lined up by the mirrors in the bathroom!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut ESPECIALLY AFTER CHURCH, AFTER ALTER CALL!!!!
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! For realz guys, this is whats going on n there!!! I'm surprised some girls don't pull out lil blow dryers to dry their eyelashes after crying too!!! YES, I admit that from time to time I curl my eyelashes...mostly just for conferances...selfies...ETC...if I remember, but half the time these days i'm just like, EH, WHATEV!!! And I most definitely don't have the time to go into the bathroom after church to RECURL THEM...that's taking away from my SOCIALIZING!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
Soooooo superrr funny story about me curling my eyelashes!!! I used to BE SOOO into it tho!!! Soooo like this one time I came up with this BRILLIANT idea to ACTUALLY put some Aussie freeze hair spray on my eye lashes to keep the curl in longer and better...don't worry I didn't SPRAY IT, just put it on my fingers...OOOOoooH they looked soooooo GOOOOOD after I curled them!!! And they stayed looking AWESOME the whole time...I was like, OH YES, Aussie Freeze still works its charm!!! THEN we had a really good alter call...annnnnd yeah there were tears coming out of my eyes...which mixed with the freeze...annnnnd BURN...OUCH annnnnd... AHEM... I LEARNED MY LESSON!!! CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Anywayz, I honestly don't think i'm EVERRR actually THAT CLOSE to a guy for him to ACTUALLY NOTICE if my eyelashes are curled!!! Guys, what do YOU THINK OF GIRLS curling their eyelashes??? Do you care? Do you even notice? Do you notice if their eyelashes are curled before church BUT NOT AFTER???
Ladies ask your brother's, dad's, uncles, pastor's, husbands, sons, cousins, boyfriends, male dogs...Etc...we wanna know!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. BTW: We made Angel pose for that pic...LOL!!!
Now ME on the other hand...I REALLY AM THAT VAIN!!! Heh, heh!!!