Friday, December 26, 2014

A Ginty Christmas!!!

The morning started EARLY at a little after 7 for me, after coffee and MJ opened like a MILLION presents from her mom, we then headed over to MY MOM'S!!!
Where it was present time with the rest of our family!!!
Joseph was soooooooo super excited while we waited for everyone to gather in the living room...Please excuse the TV...its my dad's and my mom would be super appalled that its in the pics!!!
Before we opened gifts, Joseph's mom brought out her guitar and Joseph sang 'Joy To The World' to us!
Bethany got this HUGE toy bottle...her dad said its cuz she's a GINTY GIRL!!! Bahahaha!!!
Sooooo we have this family tradition where we throw the wrapping paper at each other after we open the presents...I have NO IDEA WHO starts it every year!!! HEE, HEE!!!
Juliana was sooooo excited when she opened this huge Hello Kitty, then she just drops it when she sees that her brother got a bag of STARBURTS!!! AHAHAHA!!!
MJ got her beloved American girl doll TWINS!!!
Joseph got his beloved Pepa Pigs and pig house set!!!
Sooooo do you guys think Bethany looks like me still??? I can't decide!!!
My first real Coach purse from T, funny thing is that I had helped her pick it out for herself several years ago, then she never used it and I was like that's soooo CUTE...soooo she gave it to me, I'm like, sooooo I should help you pick out your Coach things more often!!! Hee, hee!!! Plus I got Juicy perfume from her and this super cute sweater, MJ gave me a Hello Kitty and a Betsyville backpack, I got this jacket I really wanted from my mom, plus my brothers gave me starbucks cards, a selfie stick, chocolate, a new cell phone case, a flower, YEAH!!!
If you guys look at this pile of presents, you will see that it all pretty much represents ME!!! Hearts, chocolate, hair accessories, chocolate, hello kitty, selfies, coffee and just CUTE STUFF...THATS ME!!! HEE, HEE!!!
So its tradition that we make HOMEMADE pasta every year for Christmas...I'm pretty much the expert on it...We've been doing this since I was 14 so I'm in charge of it now!
Welcome to a Ginty family dinner!!!
Its never fancy, buuuut always DELICIOUS!!!
.After cleaning up dinner, we made zepolis, an Italian donut for dessert!!! Juliana really had funnnnn helping make them!!! HEE, hee!!!
The zeppolis turned out AWESOME!!! Yummmmmm!!!!
Then we also had my brother's cheesecake, Canoli flavored this time!!!
Afterwards, we went with MJ, T, my sis-in-law Jewel and Joseph to go look at Christmas lights!!!
It was freezing cold buuuut a lot o funnnnn!!! Jewel helped us to find all the good places!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd this was the END RESULTS of A LOOOOOOT OF COOKING!!!
Before I scare anyone off with this HUGE MESS of flour, I would like to end this post with a VERY merry, merry, MARY, Christmas scripture!!!!
"...fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife..."
(Matthew 1:20)
Hee, hee!!! Hope you all had an AWESOME CHRISTMAS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)