Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our greatest gift!!!

Soooooooooo I wanted to do something different this year that I want to make as a tradition for years to come, especially when I have my own children. Of Family Life Radio, they were having people call in with family Christmas traditions they do and of course everyone was calling in and saying that they read their kids or grandkids the Christmas story from the Bible.
However, this one lady called in and said that every year she wraps the Bible up as a present and has all the kids open the Bible and THEN she reads to them the Christmas story...Annnnnnd I thought I AM GOING TO DO THAT THIS YEAR WITH MY KIDS... Well my nieces and nephew!!!
So I did it this evening with them and it turned out great!!! Even tho they were squirming to open my actual presents I had for them, I told them that this Bible, God's word, is our greatest gift. Then I read them the Christmas story ANNNND before they opened my presents THEY had to tell me who's birthday we are CELEBRATING!!! JESUS!!!
Really, when you think about it, the Bible truly is our GREATEST treasure here on earth! For without it we would not have the knowledge of what Christ did for us. We wouldn't know the gospel, the good news, and God's salvation plan. I plan to keep this tradition going every year. Even tho in years to come, the kids will know what is in the package, its always a good reminder of WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT we truly have!!!
Then it was time to open MY GIFTS to the kids!!! Soooooo since I like to be the center of attention, I didn't want to wait to give the kids my gifts TOMORROW!!! Because TOMORROW they will be getting EVERYONE else's gifts...annnnnd mine would be lost in the THIS WAY... for about 12 hours, my presents will be their FAVORITE!!! Hee, hee!!! Yup, that's truly the way I think!!! LOL
I got MJ a Betsyville wristlet purse from Ross, (That's my fav purse brand btw!) I got Joseph two Lego sets, Juliana a baby doll stroller, and Bethany a cute bib and teddy bear...most of the kids stuff I got from yard saling!!! There are these really ritzy houses that have yard sales twice a year...I STOCK UP on gifts from there!!! They lego sets, which are normally around $25-$40 I got brand new, not even opened, for $5!!! The bib I got for Bethany was all fancy prancy, still had the $15 price tag on it, I got it for $1...OH I LOVE RICH PEOPLE  YARD SALES!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)