Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gingerbread cRaZy aWsOmEnEsS!!

The kids had SOOOO MUCH funnnnnn making these they really got into it!!!
Some of them even made kit kat picket fences! Sleds with candy kids, reeses church bells, blue-icing ponds, annnnnd chocolate-mud puddle lakes!!!
One of the girls, Shams, kept asking me for more graham crackers for her roof...after like the 5th EXTRA cracker i'm like, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON WITH YOUR ROOF??? You building a mansion or something?!?!?! She's like NO, its soooo GOOOOD, I KEEP EATING IT!!! 
This girl Brianna was SOOOO PROUD of her skirt she wore!!! She's like, MARY look, I'm wearing a LOOOOOONG SKIRT...LIKE YOU!!! Isn't it amazing how they pick up on something that I have NEVERRRR told them!!! She only comes on Wednesday nights for Bible classes, buuuut every time she sees me...she sees a LOOOONG SKIRT!!! Its such an honor and thrill to me when they want to model HOLINESS..there is NOTHING like THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS!!! 
This girl right here that I'm hugging, her name is MARY, soooo this is a Mary-Mary picture!!! So anywayz, I go to pick up one of the younger girls for church, and she's like, Oh church! Can I go! So i'm like, YEAH! I'm thinkin she looks familiar but I can't figure out..WHO she is...So she runs into the other room for her shoes and I ask the lil girls mom, Who is that? She's like oh thats my cousin. I'm like whats her name, she says, Mary!
I'm like, OH MARY!!! All of the sudden it clicks...this girl came to church ONE TIME when she was a really young on a Sunday evening service. We had AWESOME church and her heart was so tender, she was so broken and tender and got THE HOLY GHOST!!! I had asked the other girls that she came with at that time where she lived and they all said she was just visiting, and she lived faraway, no one had her parents number and the next time I went to the apartments she was gone back home and I've never heard anything TIL this past Wednesday!!!
Sooooo I'm like soooo EXCITED now! i'm like, HEY MARY!!! You came to church with me ONE TIME a LOOOOOOONG time ago right?! She was like yelling back from the other room! YES! I'm like, and YOU GOT THE HOLY GHOST RIGHT?! She's like YES!!! I'm like, AND YOU REMEMBER GETTING THE HOLY GHOST?! She's like YES!!! 
I'm telling you guys, our efforts for reaching the lost are NEVER IN VAIN!!! These kids NEVERRR FORGET that experiance and even tho you may not see the results for YEARS TO COME...your planting a seed and in DUE SEASON you WILL REAP A HARVEST!!! When she came to church, before class, she was totally worshipping and pray during the song service!!! I'm believing God to do GREAT THINGS!!! Keep MARY in your prayers!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)