Friday, December 19, 2014

BE Apostolic!!!

Sooooooooo a couple of Sundays ago, I was driving through Dutch Brothers before church, remember I told you all about them, they are KNOWN for their employees acting WEIRD...I think they probabley give a drug test and IF YOU GET POSITIVE they hire you!!! BAHAHAHA!!! ANYWAYZ, when I get to the window to pay the girl starts FREAKING OUT over my hair!!!
OH MY GOODNESS!!! your hair looks sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm like oh THANK YOU!!! She's like, did you go to beauty college to learn how to do that?!?!? (I'm thinking, Really??? BEAUTY COLLEGE??? Just to learn how to do my hair...Like I would everrrr need THAT...ITS CALLED BIBLE COLLEGE MA'AM!!! All you gotta do is read the word of God to learn THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS!!!) I'm just like, oh no ma'am, its actually super easy to do, you just have to practice a little bit and you'll get good at it...THAT and a can of Aussie Freeze HAIR SPRAY!!!
She's just like WOW, I'm just in awe of your hair, I can hardly even do a ponytail in my hair...Soooooo I chatted it up with her till my drink was ready, told her about church etc...then when I said by she was like, I like your hair! ITS AMAZING!!! I don't think I could ever get mine like that!!!  I was thinking, YOU COULD if you got in church!!! Its just part of being PENTECOSTAL!!!
You just gotta...
♥Mary Frances :)